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Log-in Credentials Breach At Several Corporations

Who said banks' web sites are bullet-proof? SC Magazine reported:

"A trojan has reportedly been uncovered that is harvesting FTP login data of major corporations, including the Bank of America, BBC, Amazon, Cisco, Monster.com, Symantec and McAfee. According to a report in the Friday edition of The Register, Jacques Erasmus, CTO at Prevx, an internet security vendor headquartered in the U.K., discovered a site where a trojan is uploading FTP login credentials from more than 68,000 websites. Once an individual's PC is infected with the trojan, that user's stored FTP login credentials are harvested. An attacker can then login to the FTP site..."

And we all know that your log-in credentials (e.g., username and password) are just as valuable to identity thieves and criminals as the money in your bank accounts. And companies like McAfee, a provider of anti-virus software, should know better, too.


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