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I'm Back! After a Month of Celebration, New Struggles & Transitions

[Editor's Note: today's blog post is by guest author William Seebeck. During the 1980's, Bill and I worked together at Lexis-Nexis in Dayton, Ohio. Bill has a wealth of experience in online systems, banking, publishing, and public relations. Bill also blogs at Seebeck's View.]

By Bill Seebeck

Well, I'm back.

I've been quiet for the past month for lots of reasons, perhaps the most important was preparing for and witnessing my younger son's graduation from college. It was a beautiful New Hampshire day and there were lots of speeches and honorary degrees awarded, but perhaps the best speech of the day was by a representative of the St. Anselm College graduating class of 2009. She related what it meant to attend and graduate, as a Muslim woman, from a Catholic liberal arts college. Her name is Waqarun Rashid and her speech (audio, text), entitled, "The Peaceful Struggle" was wonderful and enthusiastically received by all, especially her fellow graduates.

My son, Matt did honor to himself by not only graduating but received his degree with honors. Those members of his family in attendance (grand aunt & uncle, aunts, uncle, cousin, brother, niece, mom and dad), ages 81 to 11, were very proud of him and it was truly a joyous moment in a year of most difficult challenges for all of us in the world.

Seventy-two hours later with actual diploma in hand, we said goodbye to Matt as he left us once again, to begin yet another journey, his own new struggle, this one in service to his country. He left for Missouri to begin his basic combat training with the United States Army.

As a parent at moments like this, you have flashbacks to earlier days, like the first day you put him on a school bus at the age of six and hoped all would go well. This time, I had yet to catch my breath from watching him graduate from college and now he was off again, with the rank of Specialist, to join many other young American men and women in service to our nation. I am in prayer for him and them every day and unashamedly ask you to add yours to mine. On this one, we have common interests. He may be my son, but he is now one of my guardians and yours.

At this time in my life, with my own struggles far from over, I can't help but reflect on what an honor it is to be a parent. It is a most awesome responsibility that never ends and frankly, I wouldn't want it any other way.

Making phone calls during Basic Combat Training is a privilege and when they come, they're only for two or three minutes. Well, yesterday, Matt called from the base. His first words were, "Dad, is today Father's Day?" To which I responded, "Well, if it isn't, it is now".

Happy Father's Day!

Copyright 2009 WBSeebeck. Reprinted with permission.


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joe malley

congrats bill. it sounds like you have a heck of a kid, and you should be very proud of what he has accomplished, and will do so in the future.

I look forward to your "guest posts" on george's blog. I tend to enjoy stories where data mining companies expose individuals to privacy violations. i try to close those openings in court. I hire consultants to work with me to develop these types of cases.

Once again, Congrats
joe malley

Bill Seebeck

Thanks Joe, he is a great kid and I believe he will make a difference in his life and world.

I appreciate your interest also in my guest posts. George and I have always been passionate about how important online can be in a world where free speech is honored. We have been equally passionate in our concern when people abuse it through privacy and other personal rights violations. I'm glad to hear that your life's work puts you at the bar protecting us in our courts. Thank you for that and hope you keep reading and writing to us.

Very best,

Bill Seebeck

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