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What Personal Data Do Facebook Quizzes Collect And Share? (Privacy Rights)

Facebook logo From time to time, I have written about since the site has a checkered history of protecting consumers' sensitive personal data and privacy. If you use, then you want to know about this Facebook petition sponsored by the ACLU of Northern California:

"Dear Mark Zuckerberg:
Millions of people on Facebook use third party applications without realizing the extent to which these apps can access their private information. Please take the following steps to ensure that all of the private information people put on Facebook is not swept up by application developers and used or abused for unknown purposes:

- Change default privacy settings so that quizzes and other third party applications run by a user’s friends do not have access the information on a user’s profile without the user’s opt-in consent.

- Simplify and improve privacy controls to give users real control over the personal information that is shared with applications through Facebook.

- Require that third party applications like quizzes list the categories of user data they will access and allow users to view this list. Prevent applications from having access to information that has not been listed, and notify users if an application’s data categories change before allowing access to this additional information.

Facebook is a wonderful forum for communications and social engagement, but it requires meaningful privacy protections if it is to continue to grow. Please take the steps above to protect my privacy and continue to make user privacy a high priority.

To learn more about how much of your personal information Facebook quizzes share regardless of your Facebook Account Privacy Settings, Facebook members should visit the "What Do Quizzes Really Know About You?" Facebook application page.


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how can I get free face book credits i was told I could but i can not figure it out.

EMR Saves Lives

those quizzes are horrible for allowing hackers in to computers. stay away from facebook quizzes.

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