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Warning College Students About Identity Theft

It was good to read this article in the New York Post:

"ID theft is on the rise on university campuses as thieves take advantage of open dorm doors, the careless habits of students and plenty of laptops to steal ID from and use to gain access to the assets of not only the students, but also their parents. Parents should be aware that "criminals look at universities because not only are students the path of least resistance, but universities are lax in their security," said Robert Siciliano, an identity-theft expert. "Twenty percent of students do not acknowledge that it's a problem. They are just irresponsible and making all of their parent's personal information vulnerable.

What the consequences can be:

"This past summer, a 22-year-old male at the Southern University in Louisiana experienced ID theft due to carelessness in the dorm room and is now faced with explaining to his parents why their credit card has a $2,400 balance."

Hopefully, parents will pay attention and warn their college-age children to keep sensitive papers and records under lock and key.


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A great article indeed and a very detailed, realistic and superb analysis of the current and past scenarios. I would like to thank the author of this article for contributing such a lovely and mind-opening article.

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