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Frontline: "The Card Game"

Prior posts in this blog have covered the excesses by banks with consumer credit cards. Frontline's "The Credit Card game" program debuted yesterday. I highly recommend this excellent program:

"As credit card companies face rising public anger, new regulation from Washington and staggering new rates of default and bankruptcy, FRONTLINE correspondent Lowell Bergman investigates the future of the massive consumer loan industry and its impact on a fragile national economy. In The Card Game, a follow-up to the Secret History of the Credit Card and a joint project with The New York Times, Bergman and the Times talk to industry insiders, lobbyists, politicians and consumer advocates as they square off over attempts to reform the way the industry has done business for decades."

If you want to learn about the ways banks have rigged the financial system against consumers, watch this program. In an interview during the program, Nessa Feddis, a lobbyist from the American Bankers Association, made some totally irritating comments.

Check your local PBS station for more broadcast times, or watch the Frontline program "The Card Game" online.


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