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Health Net May Have Violated Consumer Notification Laws After Its Data Breach

From the Boston Examiner:

"On Friday Attorney General Terry Goddard called on Health Net, a Connecticut-based insurance company, to immediately notify its Arizona policyholders whose personal, medical and financial information was either lost or stolen in a data breach that occurred six months ago. He said further that his Office will open an investigation to determine whether a state law requiring prompt notification was violated. Health Net notified the Arizona Department of Insurance on Wednesday that a hard drive containing personal data on some 316,000 present and former Arizona policyholders has been missing since May from the company's headquarters in Shelton, Conn. The company has yet to contact the affected policyholders about the breach, however, saying it plans to send letters to them soon."

Soon? The company already waited six months after the breach to notify State of Connecticut officials. To learn more, read this prior blog post.


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