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Changes at I've Been Mugged Blog

I am pleased to announce two big changes in this blog.

First, I now accept online donations from readers. Donating online is easy, fast and secure. To donate, click on the DONATE button in the far right column. It links to the secure payment flow at the PayPal site. You can donate using a credit card or with your PayPal account. Your donation can be any amount of your choice: $2, $5, $10, $25, or more. Your donations help me continue the unbiased reporting, plus product and service reviews.

Second, my blog also contains online ads. For the past two and a half years, I have funded this blog with my personal savings. It is time to explore new revenue sources. So, I've allocated a space in the near right column to rotate ads within.

For Readers

I chose an ad approach that seemed as non-intrusive as possible. The ad space is in the same location on all blog pages. Many blogs insert ads both inside blog posts and between the post and comments. I avoided these options to keep the blog easy to read.

If you find the ads interesting, I hope that you will read and click on them. allows publishers to select which which ads display on a blog, so I have tried to pick ads from trustworthy, reliable brands and companies. If you find the ads intrusive or if you disagree with the ad selections, please share your comments via e-mail. I can explore other options.

Thanks for your readership and I hope that you will donate online today.

For Advertisers

In addition to the right column ad space, there is an ad space at the page bottom on the Reviews, List of Lists, and ID-Theft Resources pages. So, you have a choice in ad size and location. Statistics about my blog are available on the Advertise page. Ad rates are available at the site.

Thanks for your interest and I hope that you will consider I've Been Mugged for your advertising needs.

George Jenkins