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Citibank Breach Exposes Sensitive Personal Information of 600,000 Consumers

Citibank logo Last week, WBZ television in Boston reported:

"Citibank says it sent 600,000 people envelopes with the Social Security numbers printed on the outside. Citibank learned of the breach when a customer called to ask them about it. It happened in January when Citibank sent out year end tax statements to Citibank mortgage and home equity loan customers. The numbers resembled a routing number on the envelope."

Yep, you read that correctly. Citibank printed each customer's Social Security Number on the outside of the envelopes, where anyone could see it. I guess that somebody at the bank was sleeping and failed to inspect the sealed envelopes before they were placed in the postal mail.

What a data security lapse! Crap like this will stop only when senior executives lose their jobs after an easily avoidable data breach. The affected customers were reportedly offered one year of free credit monitoring.


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i work at a call center where we are doing the enrollments for the fraud alert service and it is only being offered for 6 months at no charge.

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