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Florida Couple Return To Identity Theft

When law enforcement catches identity thieves and fraudsters, I like to acknowledge it.

Yet, some identity criminals never seem to learn. The Miami Herald reported:

"Last year, they were charged with running a racket to pilfer patient records from Jackson Memorial Hospital to sell to lawyers for personal-injury claims. Now Ruben E. Rodriguez and wife Maria Victoria Suarez have been indicted again for paying an ambulance-company employee to steal information on patients transported to Miami-Dade hospitals and healthcare clinics. That theft scheme dates all the way back to 1995, according to an indictment filed last week. In both federal cases, the Coral Gables couple are accused of brokering the stolen computer records of patients' names, addresses, telephone numbers and medical diagnoses to several attorneys in exchange for kickback payments. The lawyers paid them hundreds of thousands of dollars for the referrals after settling injury claims, authorities say... According to court records in the JMH case, one unidentified personal-injury attorney wrote 27 checks totaling $85,250 to a shell company incorporated by Rodriguez as kickback payments for the patient referrals between 2006 and 2009."

Hopefully, this couple -- and the lawyers that facilitated this scam -- will all be off to jail for a long time. And, I hope that the newspaper and the prosecutors publish the full list of attorneys and health care workers involved.


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