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TransUnion And Acxiom Modify Their Arrangement

I wrote a 4-part series in 2008 about the three major credit reporting agencies and offshore outsourcing. I have not written much about Acxiom, a company that archives and data-mines massive amounts of information about consumers. This blog post is a start to correct that reporting oversight about Acxiom.

RTT News reported:

"TransUnion, and Acxiom Corp. announced a renewed agreement... Under the new multi-year agreement, Acxiom said it will continue to manage the operation of TransUnion's sophisticated mainframe environment and supporting network processes. In addition to delivering robust and secure infrastructure management, Acxiom and TransUnion will continue to combine their data and technology expertise to help clients create accurate, real-time and consistent information across their enterprises and also enable them to drive highly personalized marketing via both companies' multichannel solutions."


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