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Age Of Conversation 3 On Sale!

Images of the Age of Conversation 2010 Edition. Hardcover and paperback
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I am pleased to announce that the Age Of Conversation 3 book is available! You can buy the book at online retailers including Amazon.com and at Barnes & Noble. A Kindle version is also available! If you want to learn about social media, then this book is a must-buy.

Age of Conversation 3 (202 pages; hardcover; paperback; Kindle; ePub) captures the distinct shift from social media as a hypothetical consumer loyalty tool, as it was considered only a little more than a year ago, to its current state as a staple in the modern marketing toolbox. Although the book covers more than just social media, the topic is ubiquitous among the book’s 10 sections:

  1. At the Coalface
  2. Identities, Friends and Trusted Strangers
  3. Conversational Branding
  4. Measurement
  5. Corporate Conversations
  6. In the Boardroom
  7. Innovation and Execution
  8. Influence
  9. Getting to Work
  10. Pitching Social Media.

Age of Conversation 3 is the third book in the series which started as an online conversation between two marketing pros -- an American and an Australian —- and evolved into the first editions with more than 100 bloggers from nine countries. Today, the latest edition, with more than 170 bloggers from 15 countries, has grown into a treatise on the state of social media including the intersection of social media and marketing best practices.

Drew McLellan and Gavin Heaton have edited the latest book, which includes a veritable “who’s who” of the world’s leading marketing bloggers. McLellan heads the McLellan Marketing Group, a Des Moines, Iowa advertising agency, and writes the Drew's Marketing Minute blog. Heaton works for global software giant SAP, and writes the Servant of Chaos blog from Sydney, Australia.

Like the last edition, yours truly has contributed a chapter to the latest edition. Why did I write about? Well, you have to purchase a copy to find out.

Proceeds from the sale of the book are directed to a charity selected by the majority of contributing authors. The book was as published by new digital publishing company Channel V Books. A version of the book will soon be available as an ePub for other digital readers beyond the Kindle.


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Gavin Heaton

Glad to have you part of the book, George!

Drew McLellan


Thanks for letting your readers know about AOC3. It's a fantastic read -- with lots of practical, pragmatic ideas and tips.

I think your readers will enjoy it!


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