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Just Energy: A Good Deal?

Yesterday evening, a young man rang my doorbell claiming to offer a better, environmentally-friendly energy deal than my current electric company. He said that he represented Just Energy, and promptly asked me for a copy of my electric bill so I could sign up for this better deal.

This young man had the bad luck of ringing my doorbell. First, this blog is all about informing and empowering consumers. So, I am always alert for identity theft, fraud, scams, and deceptive offers. Alarms go off whenever a sales representative immediately asks for personally identifying information before I have a chance to review their offer in detail.

Second, I am a member of the neighborhood watch group on my street. Third, I am the co-webmaster of my neighborhood civic association. So, it's really easy for me to get the word out to neighbors.

I thanked him for sharing his energy offer and told him that, besides not knowing him, I don't disclose the personal information he asked for. He showed me a badge which he said validated that he was from Just Energy. I told him that his badge didn't do a thing for me, and asked him to leave a business card or brochure with a phone number I could call to verify him and his company.

He left a brochure which pitches wind energy, and that Just Energy's "JustGreen Rate Flex program provides consumers with electricity from a clean, renewal energy source. The brochure doesn't mention directly but seems to capitalize on the Cape Wind project, which when built will be the nation's first offshore wind farm. The wind farm, approved in April by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior after 9 years of environmental studies and political wrangling, will be built in Massachusetts off the coast of Cape Cod.

After the young man left my front porch, I called 9-1-1 to have the local police verify his credentials. Then, I went back to work. Later during the evening, I had some time and decided to research Just Energy. A quick Google search produced a link to the Chicago Better Business Bureau, which rated Just Energy an "F" (on a scale of A+ to F). Why? 536 complaints, 42 unresolved complaints, and 28 complaints unanswered by the company.

An article in the Consumerist blog described some consumers' experiences with the company in the borough of Brooklyn in New York City. Similar problems there. I called the phone number (866-587-8674) on the company's brochure and a recording said its offices were closed and to call back during business hours.

Is Just Energy's deal a good one? You'll have to decide that for yourself. Me? I'll pass on the company's offer.

Has anybody else encountered this company? Did you sign up for one of their energy plans? If so, what was your experience?

[Editor's Note: in January 2015, Just Energy agreed to a settlement agreement with the Attorney General's Office for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.]


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I live in Sunnyside Queens, My mom is old lives next door. This lady Susan appeared at her door today, stating she was from JUST ENERGY. And with the manditory.. I can save you money speach, and Id Badge and mentioning Con Edison, wooed my 84 year old mother into showing this lady her Con ED bill..
My mother called me to come over, since I am the one who handles all of her paperwork. I told her not to do anything and why did she let her in(is another story)by the time I got there my mom signed all her info to Just Energy. But the lady Susan had torn up all of the paperwork and was walking out of the house. I got the torn up paperwork.. but part of it was missing??!!.By the time I realized she was gone.
I dont know what info this lady Susan took from my mom.. All I know is I am reporting her to everyone I can think of.. and I am WARNING EVERYONE OF THE JUST ENERGY SCAM .. I could just imaging how many old people they take advantage of.


Sorry to hear of the situation with your mom. It sounds like the sales rep may have kept some personal information about your mom.

I encourage you to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (http://www.bbb.org ) and with your state's Consumer Protection Division (http://www.nysconsumer.gov/ ).



Thank you George!
I truly appreciate your help.. I will go and report it now.. thank you again.. I just dont want any other elders to be scammed by JUST ENERGY!..It disgusts me how they can get away with it.


Also file a complaint at the ICC

Read my blog about these con artists. The owners of the company know exactly what they are doing.

Read and watch it here.
[link removed at commenter's request]

Also, Just Energy has many different alias, so watch out when another person come knocking with a different name.

Lana Day


You are all so misguided and dare I say it - paranoid!!! First of all, Just Energy has no Alias. If someone comes to your door under a different name then they're not Just Energy.. like that's illegal we're talking about a very large, very successful company here people. Any contract of any kind cannot be submitted if it is ripped or tampered with.. like common. The poor girl was probably afraid of you and in a hurry. What the hell will she do with just your name?
Of course you bloggers all share the same paranoia.. some stranger is coming into your house, trying to talk you into some crazy new energy saving home service that actually saves you money. GOD FORBID IT MIGHT JUST DO THAT! You people should do your research. Their products and services are proven to save you money.. have you ever researched them yourself? You go to the Wal Mart and let some stranger talk you into buying that new Energy Star Air Conditioner that'll save you money. What the heck is the difference? Besides the fact that the strange sales representative comes to YOU! It's the twenty-first century. Common people. Don't get your panties in a bunch and open your eyes... Or you can just keep your ancient water heater and furnace that uses substantially more energy to run. You'll regret it when your neighbor starts bragging about their lowered energy costs and fast and reliable maintenance service. And you'll regret it more when your water heating tank explodes all over your newly renovated basement.



Dear Lana:

Thanks for submitting a comment with your opinions. You are entitled to your opinion and all I ask in this blog is that people keep their comments respectful and civil. You wrote:

"...Their products and services are proven to save you money.. have you ever researched them yourself?"

Well, I did research Just Energy online and I mentioned in my blog post above the results of my searches, which were BBB sources. Yes, it is possible that I missed some information sources with other points of view.

Since you seem confident that Just Energy's products and services will save consumers money, please share in a comment below any links you have to online information or sources that prove your statement. I would be happy to read them.

And if you have any documents that counter the complaints other consumers have filed with the BBB, I would be happy to read those documents, too.

I am sure some of my I've Been Mugged blog readers would be interested in reading those documents, too. Thank you.


Kevin S

I was a sucker. Turns out I've also been an idiot.

I signed up with Just Energy in early 2007. I remember the night well. I don't normally answer my door unless I'm expecting company but there was a knock, followed by several more aggressive knocks which suggested to me that the person was someone I knew, or someone who had some kind of emergency. Had I only given it another 10 seconds, the woman would have been gone from my life and I'd be a lot wealthier.

I had heard of these scenarios and some people had told me that it was possible to benefit from them, so I listened to her spiel, and signed up, mostly to get her to go away. I wasn't thinking I'd signed up for something that was going to cost me. I thought of it as a gamble I was willing to take.

It's only now that I've wondered just how much they're taking me to the cleaners for. Oh my. I've been paying over twice what I would be paying if I'd stayed with my province's company.

I called them to find out how to cancel with them and there is of course a cancellation fee, but she would not say what it was, she was going to email me the information (which takes a week, she said) along with an option to EXTEND MY CONTRACT (!) at a lower rate. Obviously I'm not going to do that.

What I AM wondering is how brutal this cancellation fee is. The sad part is that even if it's $1000 I'd be SAVING money to cancel.

If anyone has advice on how to get out of this thing - quickly and cheaply as possible - write me at [email protected]



"...home service that actually saves you money. GOD FORBID IT MIGHT JUST DO THAT!"

Please tell me where you get this info. Here is my evidence on Just Energy long term contract http://www.citizensutilityboard.org/ags34.php

98% of people sign up lost money. Sure people save money, but that's 2%.

The difference between going to a place like Wal Mart is that we are going there at our own will. We didn't invite any pushy sale person knocking on our door. Yup, it's the 21 century with a company like Just Energy hiring con artists, finding different ways to sell products.

If we want to keep our "ancient water heater" thats our business and non of your concern. It is better for us to be properly inform than to signup with some sleazy company with a long list of consumer fraud charges.

Just Energy had been charged for consumer fraud by the Attorney General of New York and the Attorney General of Illinois.

Enough said. I dont have the time to list other charges. You can see them for yourself here.
[link removed at commenter's request]


US Energy Savings is the same company as Just Energy.


This girl from just energy came to my house yesterday and i signed the form! i called today and cancelled...is there any chance they will bill me out of nowhere or do something with my information? i am super paranoid right now...



My advice: a) get your cancellation in writing, and b) monitor whichever financial account (credit card, debit card, or checking account) you used for any transactions posted. If they appear, take the appropriate steps with your financial institution.

If the charges appear and you can't get them reversed, then file a complaint with the BBB and FTC. Links are on the Resources page in this blog.

Good luck and let us know what happens.



Thank you so much George...you're doing a good thing!

Tracy is Confused

Wow, there are no answers or proof either way in this blog.

Thanks for more confusion

PS over 400 of the complaints to the BBB about Just Enegry were resolved.

I see where they said the complaints that weren't resolved, so to be fair, I wanted to post that.

Sarah C

Sandy (and others),
I, too, signed the form, kicked myself, and immediately send in the cancellation form that was attached to the copy of the contract the JustEnergy guy gave me. The deadline for sending in the cancellation form (to cancel with no penalty) was very short - 3 days, I think - and the guy came to my door at 8pm on Saturday night, so I overnighted the form and called the company to cancel by phone and also tell them I had sent in the cancellation form. I made the "customer service" person verbally confirm multiple times that I had cancelled, and took her name in case I had any problems later. I saw on another blog that someone in the same situation got many phone calls from an unknown phone number after they cancelled, and it turned out to be JustEnergy or an affiliate. The suggestion on that blog was to not answer the phone calls so that they cannot get any sort of verbal agreement from you that you had signed a contract. I did, in fact, get many phone calls from a number that I googled (and it was JustEnergy) and ignored them all. They never left voicemails, and eventually stopped. Hope this helps!

Sarah C

Oh, I also called my utility company and told them what happened, and they were able to put a block on my account so that JustEnergy couldn't take over as my energy supplier.

Lana Day


You can read about energy efficient products here. Energy Star products are proven to save money. Especially if you replace every utility with energy star, like so many people are doing nowadays. And these products will very likely be the last one you buy, most in 90% + efficiency rating, like how much better does that get! It means you're getting usually 50% more for your money! I find blogs funny, because it's a little sad how you all can be so paranoid, about just about anything. Like, omg the gas station attendant looked at me strangely perhaps he memorized my name from my debit card and is planning on posing as me and stealing everything in my bank account! lol.. do your own research. You might be surprised! YOUR ALL STILL SO CONFUSED, but now I think the better word is Paranoid.. :(



Thanks for the comment. Rather than engage in name-calling (e.g., paranoid), I find it more beneficial to stick to the issues. I agree with you that consumers should use energy efficient products, like the newer light bulbs, in their homes. Thanks for the link. And, I agree with you that Consumer Reports is a trustworthy source of information for consumers. In fact, I subscribe to the CR magazine.

While writing this blog, I have learned that different consumers have different levels of risk tolerance. What appeals to one person may not appeal to another. This varying tolerance also applies to company offers and business practices. Some people are comfortable with them, while others are not.

The BBB and Consumerist websites mentioned above are common sources for consumers seeking more information about products and services -- to be informed shoppers. The blogosphere and social media websites are all about conversation. Part of that conversation includes business practices and offers that people aren't sure about or seek more information about. KeyFrame5 included in their comments some beneficial links above about the company's business practices.

I think that we all want to be informed shoppers.


VIgil Ante

Just Energy hires scumbag street slugs to go door to door and harrass older people who are home during the day.

Last week one of the slime went to my 70 year old dad's house and got into a fight with him when my dad said no to his services and asked him to leave the property.

When my mom called me for help, I didn't call the cops, I called my friends and went looking for the guy... I'm sure he wishes the cops found him first.

They will never set foot on my dads block again.


Vigil Ante:

Thanks for the comment and for sharing your experience. I do understand the frustration you feel with door-to-door sales persons who take advantage of seniors. However, I cannot condone violence as a solution. There are many other choices. Next time, I hope that you will make a different choice.



Hello everyone,

I work for a Spanish language network, a consumer oriented segement, and I was hoping to talk to anyone in the Tri-State area of New York about this Just Energy scam and their experience with this company.We are working on a story about Just Energy and their fradulent practices. Please if anyone would like to talk, email me at [email protected], from there I can give you further contact information.


My mom and I signed up for just energy today for a renewal.

the guy told us we were paying 33.2 cents before and now it has dropped to 25.9cents for five years.

Is this a good idea? We're in Ontario Canda if that helps, that's in cubic meters i believe

Anyway, she signed some stuff and the guy was nice and all, wasn't forcing us to do anything but just give us, what i call "positive" information

So by the sounds of everything, just energy was a bad idea?

And is it too late to call in and cancel??


Dear AllanL:

Thanks for sharing. I cannot provide an answer about whether it is good or bad because: a)there are other contract terms that apply besides the price; b) I do not know what your prior payment arrangement was, and c) I do not know what the contract terms are when the price of energy fluctuates down (or up) in the future.

Good luck and let us know what happens.



Hi..my name is jennifer..I just had dealings with these people..and after cancelling my agreement with them they are still calling me..I just emailed them and threatened the better business bureau on them if they didn't stop and to also remove me from their call list/auto dialer!! I should of known it was scam with the way the woman was at the door..it was after she left is when i thought to myself..ok they are giving out pre-paid mastercards..but does she use this service her self..and how many other people did she force to take this and used the pre-paid mastercard has leverage to get the sale..I don't care what they have to offer..cause so far i am not pleased with their conduct..and you also cannot get to talk to anyone at the centre where they tell you to call..I am starting to wonder if there is even a centre..and to replay the same ad over and over..lets talk about brain wash..but that is just in my opinion!!

Matthew l

hello i have also had one of these people get me to sign up at the door, they where very pushy and convincing. after she left i imediatly got on the internet and did my research. then being skeptical i called and canceled. i hope i do not get suckered into this contract.


I just received a just energy bill in the mail and instantly called back our power company to reinstate us, we never use over 100.00 a month and just energy wants us to pay 345.00. They are very untrue in their statements when they come by and talk people into dealing with them, yes you can read the forms but they have answers to everything including helping the environment but all it is is a big cash grab for them... I wish I would have checked them out when they convinced my husband they were so good, but I know now we will never deal with these kind of people, just don't answer the door to salesmen, as they will lie to get in your pockets..


I am a former employee of Just Energy and I used to hear tons of complaints from people who may have signed up before and supposedly payed more for their energy bills. Well there are so many energy companies out there, literally hundreds around America, who knock on your door offering different things. And when these customers complained to me about their bill they could never tell me the actual company name they signed up with. Most of the time it wasn't Just Energy. I just wanted to put that point out there.

Secondly, many of these customers didn't understand what exactly Just Energy does for them, whether it was because of a bad sales representative or the customer just not taking the time out to actually listen, they just didn't understand. Just Energy does NOT promise or guarantee savings! They offer a fixed rate plan versus the standard variable rate plan. This means if you sign up with them you will be paying the same amount per kilowatt and per therm for gas every month. Your rate will never go up. However the customer determines what their actual bill will be by how much energy they consume. If you consume more energy one month then your bill will be higher! If you use less it will be lower!

The benefit of the program is that the customer will have peace of mind knowing that their rate per kilowatt and per therm will not go up for x amount of years. The market fluctuates and every month consumers pay a different price for their energy, depending on weather, natural disasters, and consumption. People who sign up with Just Energy isn't affected by those things.

Just Energy is the most legit sales company I know. We were never trained to tell anyone we will save them money or that its mandatory to switch or for them to give us any personal information such as birthday, ss#, bank account #, nothing like that. When sales representative ask for the bill it is to see if the person was already signed up. Then we take down the persons name and address( which can be found on the door or online) and their electric and gas account number to sign them up. We wouldn't be able to do anything with the bill but pay it, and we don't want to so we give it back to you. :)

Once the customer signs the agreement, there is a mandqtory phone call that has to be made to our customer service to verify verbally that this customer signed and understood everything. If anyone forges a signature or phone call they are immediately FIRED and can be prosecuted. Just Energy does not take fradulence lightly and they are very strict about doing everything the right and legal way.

So its either you want the program or you don't. Sales Representatives don't walk around all day to scam people. If you're paranoid don't open the door but don't shun a whole billion dollar company because of your doubts or because you were misinformed. If anyone from our company promises savings or something that is not in the contract then report them. But if they didn't promise savings DO NOT get ,ad when u didn't save any money or your next month bill then want to cancel. This is a lon term agreement so the idea is to save money in the long run because your prices don't go up but they don't Guarantee that.

They offer more benefits now and if anyone has questions for me please comment and I will answer them. Thank You


Also, Just Energy does not target senior citizens. They knock on every door in every neighborhood, and whoever is not home they go back to at the end of the day. They knock from ONE pm to NINE pm. (At least in New York). So they hope to get to people who may not have been at home during the day. They don't have a list with senior citizens names and addresses. Again if you feel like the sales represntatives are pushy or misleading then report them. But by far all the representatives are not like that.


@Julia - I have some questions...

I have some questions.

1. Is it true that US Energy Savings (now operating as Just Energy) was charged for consumer fraud by The Attorney General Illinois Lisa Madigan back in 2008?

2. Is it true that US Energy Savings (now operating as Just Energy) was also charge by The Attorney General of New York Andrew Cuomo and made a $200,000 dollars settlement?

3. Is it true that The Attorney General Illinois Lisa Madigan Secures $1 Million In Consumer Restitution From Just Energy For Deceptive Claims?

4. Is it true that several key executives from Just Energy were former executives of Enron?

5. Is it true Just Energy have a F rating at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with over 500 complaints?

6. Is it true that Just Energy business accreditation from BBB Texas was revoke?

7. Is it true that 98% of homeowners who sign up with Just Enrgy lost money according the The Citizens Utility Board?

8. Is it true that Bob Gallo, the director of AARP Illinois made this statement about Just Enrgy? "Targeting older people and taking advantage of consumers with bait and switch tactics that result in higher gas bills and misrepresenting services are predatory practices that need to be stopped..."

9. Is it true that U.S. Energy Savings (Just Energy) were ordered to change the name of the company and uniform color scheme to stop misleading homeowners into believing company is affiliated with local regulated gas and electricity provider?

10. Is it true that in 2009, the Ontario government listed Energy Brokers (which include Just Energy and others) with the 9th most consumers complaints in Ontario?

11. Is it true that Just Energy was fine by The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) in April, 2010 for $90,000 for violations of the Alternative Gas Supplier Law (AGSL) and ordered an independent audit of its sales practices?

12. Is it true that Gov. Patrick Quinn signed a law that regulates alternative natural gas and electricity suppliers’ marketing to protect consumers from misleading advertising and excessive termination fees?

13. Is it true that Just Energy have a history of frauds and scams?


Yes to all of your 13 Unlucky questions sadly.


Backstory: I was concerned about my energy costs, and was looking at installing a wood-burning fireplace. In doing so, I started looking at my energy costs and realized that Union Gas in Ontario's rate was 17 cents/cm. I was quite aghast as I remember signing up with JUST ENERGY in January for ANOTHER 5 year term and it was 30 cents/cm contract.

After looking online, and reading quite a few different sites, including this blog I decided to take action, because effectively I am paying double for my natural gas!

I looked over my last 5 year contract and at the best case scenario, as I could not find rates for 2005, it looks like I saved money 2/5 years, which means it was an overall money losing situation. Moreso considering I was locked in at 32.5/cm, and at the highest gas was around 45/cm, but on the low end it reached 11cents/cm, meaning I lost more during the downswing than I made up on the upswing. At this point I started to get concerned, especially now that Im locked in to lose double!

After looking over the options, defrauding them by switching the name on the main account, which I don't think is a very plausible action. I decided to call them and tell them I was not happy. I explained my situation to the CSR woman, and that over my last 5 year contract I lost money. I also explained that the rep for the current contract explained savings etc, which she had, and that at the point that she signed me up January 2010, the gas rate was 11cents/cm and I was getting locked in at 30cents/cm and if that was the case, how in good conscience could that rep say I was going to SAVE money, by paying 3 TIMES the current rate!!

The CSR said that I could switch to Just Energy's Variable rate, much like Union Gas. Union Gas current rate is 17.5cents/cm and the rate with JE is 19.9cents/cm with an additional $1.99 admin fee monthly. I decided to take this option, although not the best, its alot better than paying double. The reason for the difference the CSR explained is that UG divides up the province into 4 areas and JE prices it the same across the province. I am still overpriced, but at least it is bearable at this point. Also, this variable with JE is capped at 39.9cents/cm, so if UG ever goes over that, I am still locked in. This option is a much better option in my opinion. Also, if you find gas prices skyrocketing, you can switch one time back into a locked in rate, at the going rate.

I have learned my lesson and will pay for it over the next 4 years, at least its only a 10% additional cost, instead of a 100-200% additional cost. If you are in this situation, call them and switch to the variable rate and save yourself considerably.


I hope this helps other poor deserving souls.

Morgan January

Thank goodness for the Internet. I was just called for an interview for a call center position with this company. I always research a company to prepare for an interview. This time, my research prepared me not to go to the interview at all! What a smarmy company. It was an inbound call center position. I probably would have spent my entire shift listening to complaints, and worse yet, "assuaging fears." Screw that noise.

David Webbs

I signed up for Just Energy on all 3 of my appartment buildings in spring of this year for hydro at 7.1 cents per kilowatt hour and gas for 19.1 cents per cubic metre.

Considering that the price is now 8.0c for mid-peak and 9.9c for high-peak and 20.3c on my neighbours bills I consider that a savings.

And what's more is that I'm legally guaranteed this rate for 5 whole years, I consider that savings.


I am sitting here at a job interview listening to these people tell how they are out to save the world and reading all these complaints at the same time( only cause its a group interview) should have known better this is a joke. i will not be a part of this and as soon as the guy shuts his mouth i am out of here. i would ratheer do something else than scam people



Thanks for sharing your experience. It is good to hear about a positive experience. I hope that your savings continue through your entire 5-year contract.




Good for you. You are about the 2-3% of the people who actually saved with Just Scam Energy. That's if you are a real customer, but there is also a chance you work for them because there is no fact who you really are.

Here is my fact that over 98% of people who sign up with Just Energy LOST MONEY.



My husband just got scammed with this and of course, it's Saturday night so their business hours aren't open again until Monday along with our gas company. Hopefully they can't do much within this next day and a half because this is getting cancelled first thing Monday morning and I am going to do as Sarah did and call my gas company so that they can hopefully put a block on our account as well. All I know is that I just feel sick about the whole thing and will until it's taken care of!


Just energy provides a service to people for a guaranteed 5 year rate. This is a concept in which a lot of people like and want.

Just like the news people are more drawn to bad things to talk about then the good.


I work for Just Energy, I have never promised Savings when there was not a reason to save. Just Energy does have a Enviromentlly Green option. I am also a customer. In Mass the customer has 30 days after it shows up on there first bill to cancel. What I am finding on these websites, you people are distorting the truth. Have you ever checked the BBB on most companys, Walmart, Att,Starbucks, I could go on, You are feeding off emotion. Not facts. I would be lieing to you if I said we never made a mistake. But in whole, I speak to a lot of people all day and all evening that are happy with us. My concern is talking to them about the misleading website blogs that try to scare them in to not making a good choice.

Commercial Services

I think it's time that the record be completely set straight, and it's quite simple.
The reason many customers 'lost' money was because they locked in at a fixed rate, and the markets fell out due to the recession, people were left overpaying. Let's relate this to mortgages, if someone locked themselves in with a fixed rate mortgage for 5 years, and all of a sudden the Prime rate fell through the floor, does that make the bank a scammer?

Secondly, I'll address the only other issue I have information on, which is the BBB stuff.
The BBB rating you are referring to is from one office in Chicago, and that situation has been completed addressed. There are dozens of other offices across both Canada and the US. Also, 500 or so complaints across a customer base of over 1.5 million, pretty sure that's not so bad, especially when as you say, a large percentage of them were resolved.

Many of the people who want to 'invest' the time to complain on blogs or forums should know that if you invested that same amount of effort with the company to work something out, we'd be happy to help out. Not everyone is out to get you.

We do not benefit by the current downturn of the market because when you signed up at the high rates, we took your consumption, went to the supplier and locked in 5 years at those same high rates, which is why we have to protect ourselves from a loss if you choose to cancel.

I have come across many customers who did lock in their gas and electricity at high rates, but based on forecasting, it was actually the correct thing to do 4 years ago, and we have worked to update their rates to make them more suitable to the current market.

I do completely understand consumer frustration with what happened, and unfortunately many consumers do not have the mindset to think of the long-term savings that could happen with a fixed rate, and possibly were not informed of the Blend & Extend option... If you are locked in, I suggest taking the blend option which will get you a new rate based on the current pricing, avoid the cancellation penalty, and protect you for the coming years when commodity pricing does increase as we come out of the recession.

If anybody has any actual questions about our programs, or our company, I would be happy to field them, and if I do not know the answer directly, I could certainly escalate it to get some answers.


Funny how I posted the actual facts and my post got deleted!


@Commercial Services

"Let's relate this to mortgages"

Natural gas and electricity are not mortgages, they are commodities. Just like your food, gasoline to fuel your cars, metals like gold and copper.

Do you see any other sale agents going around selling fixed rate on your wheat or rice, or gasoline, or gold and copper at your front door? NO you don't.

That is why it is so silly to see Just Energy and some other energy companies using door-to-door sale to sell commodities. They also only hire outsource sale agents to distance themselves from fraud.

Also, BBB does not account for all complaints. Not everyone complaints through BBB. People complaints to their local government regulators, local officials, local media, and so on.

"Not everyone is out to get you."

Funny, Just Scam Energy get most of their new customers are by misleading sales. THAT'S A FACT. Just Energy only change their contract and there term and conditions only when the government regulators step in, like the ICC, Attorney Generals, Governors... so dont give me this oh we're on your side and 98% of home owners ended up losing more money with Just Scam Energy 5 years contract. As will as high existing fee, which by the way was changed to a lower cost forced by the regulators NOT JUST ENERGY.

ALso, Just Energy former names where US ENERGY SAVINGS or ONTARIO ENERGY SAVINGS. ENERGY SAVINGS to who??? not home owners!

Just Energy only changed their names because it was forced to. Their former name "ENERGY SAVINGS" imply savings, which is not true.

Don't get me started, where are your gas and electricity RATES on your website at www.justenergy.com? Where are your compare rates of the current market rate and Just Energy rates?

There are none! Because Just Energy is not on the consumers side and they want people to join and paid for their higher rates.

If Just Energy "Not everyone is out to get you.", then start posting your own rates on your websites. Whats so hard to add a 3 digits rates on a web page?

Not everyone is out to get you my ass. Maybe stop sending these misleading sale agents, then I might believe believe you.


Commercial Services:

Thanks for your comment. You wrote:

"Many of the people who want to 'invest' the time to complain on blogs or forums should know that if you invested that same amount of effort with the company to work something out, we'd be happy to help out."

You also wrote:

"We do not benefit by the current downturn of the market because when you signed up at the high rates, we took your consumption, went to the supplier and locked in 5 years at those same high rates, which is why we have to protect ourselves from a loss if you choose to cancel."

You also wrote:

"If anybody has any actual questions about our programs, or our company, I would be happy to field them..."

Based on your use of "we," it sounds like you work for either Just Energy or an industry trade association. And it sounds like you have something to contribute. If so, then I ask that you identify yourself with a name, title and company email address -- not a hotmail address as you have done. Open, honest, and transparent communication will go a lot further with getting readers to listen to and believe your claims. That might be something we explore further in an interview format in this blog.

And, I wonder if you really want to equate your services to mortgages or the big banks, as many consumers have suffered greatly during the past few years by big banks' policies and actions regarding foreclosure abuses, huge credit card interest rate hikes, and multiple debit card fees.



Okay, here are the facts. Gas rates in Michigan average less than 65 cents per ccf or less than $6.55 per mcf, depending on your utility. Just energy wants you to sign up for five years at a price of 99 cents or $9.90 per mcf. As a former employee i beg you not to sign the contract. It is for the best. They take us to suburbs of cities and send the group out to feast on the poor and elderly who are looking for real help on their gas bills. I could not continue the job because it was morally wrong to take advantage of the unsuspecting. Just Energy does provide price protection, but they sell false hope to the needy. Also they market the plan as being free, but yet you have to sign a contract. Hmmm.....maybe its not free after all.



Thanks to Tom for sharing the actual numbers for his state. Maybe others will do the same for their states. For those that do not know, per Answers.com:

CCF = hundred cubic feet
MCF = thousand cubic feet



I have previously worked for this company and only stayed for a few weeks. They tell you that you are going to make a lot of money and show you the commission structure in writing. They actually lie to everyone and hold back commission for three to four weeks. When people receive their checks, they realize, too, that they had been scammed and never return. The only ones who most likely stay with this company are crooks and con artist who do not care if they cheat or hurt others by ripping them off!!!


In reference to the commission structure on paper, I meant to point that they defraud you in writing. I know now for a fact that all thirteen questions above are definitely true. The company lied to us as well and told us that headquarters was in the U.S. when it is actually in Canada. I'm regret that I did not do enough reaearch and only checked out their website. When I look back, I really believed in "good faith" that I was going to help the environment by going "green" as well as others to lower their cost on energy resources. I will lastly conclude by telling everyone not to get involved with this company and to check out all info before accepting any offers that sound too good to be true.


I just had a bad experience with this company roaming our neighborhood. They told me they were with my current carrier and it had expired and I had to renew it. I was very busy at the time and
didn't really understand why they needed a copy of my bill. Then when I read their agreement it was a confirmation to switch providers. I called and cancelled it immediately and will call my provider Monday morning and put a block on my account. This type of thing used to be common place with different phone companies. I also had
to put a block on my phone co service because of the slamming. I don't like this company's deceptive tactics. I am also getting a no solictation sign for my door. Of course this was also Sat late afternoon.


OMG, my name is sharon and a lady just left my house 10 minutes ago and i also stupidly signed the contract, and immediatly googled the company because i never heard of them before and the female representative was very nice and much in a hurry, she also repeated over and over again that they worked for ny state and are a price protecting company that locks in a lower rate and they were protecting people from being over charged by our current company, i am so afraid now because she has my information and i called to see if i could cancel they gave me a number that is not working

this is crazy
how can i cancel



Sorry to hear of your experience. Other readers have submitted good comments above about how to cancel:

- Call you current electric/gas company and place a block on your account... that you do not want to switch. Call first, then follow up with a letter

- I assume that whatever contract you signed, the rep left you with a copy. Read it closely for cancellation instructions, and call the phone(s) numbers on it to cancel. Then follow that up with a letter.

- If the Just Energy phone numbers areno good, see the Just Energy website linked in the above post. Also, file a complaint with the BBB. There is a link in the above post.

- If you don't get what you want, do a Google search for the Public Utilities Commission for your state. That state agency may have a consumer hotline for assistance.

- If you don't get what you want, contact the consumer protection agency in the state where you live. The attorney general's office in your state can also help. Check the websites for both.

Good luck and let us know what happens.



I was fraudly joined to it as I cant see how but the signature was not mine, phone number was not mine and they had 2 different names one mine and one someone eleses. Trust me I have been locked into a high hydro bill for 5 years because of them and i did not even join it.


I had a Just Energy rep show up at my door tonight around 7:30. He was very pleasant, but was pushy in my opinion. He seemed to be very frustrated that I would not agree to sign up right away. Luckily, I heard my dad's voice in my head and told him I was uncomfortable signing up for something without doing my own homework. He tried pressing me, but I kept repeating how I wasn't comfortable agreeing to something right away. I told him if he wanted to leave a pamphlet, I would read through it and do some research on the matter. He told me, "I don't just give these to anyone". He also gave me the contract which I didn't sign since it wasn't "any good to him". While I don't want to be paranoid, I do want to be informed and it sounds like there are cold, hard facts that support serious concerns. He's supposed to come back tomorrow. We'll see...

Doug Benson

Just Energy claims we signed a contract with them here in Ontario in 2008. We live in a smallish bungalow, use the clothesline in the summer instead of the dryer and have all new appliances and generally keep the lights off. Our bill has sky rocketed in the past year or so.

When we first moved to the house we were paying around $120 a month for energy, now its up to $600 a month. Our only electrical luxury was an in-ground pool, which does suck up a lot of energy but the liner went on it last year so it was shut down completely this year, but this has had no impact on our energy bill, in fact our bill has gone up. We just had an electrician in to check the house out and said everything was fine.

We have family members with far bigger houses, with more people living in them with more luxuries like a huge, heated in-ground pool and workshops that are in constant use but they pay far less then we do and we're living in a cold, dark house.

Clearly something is going on with Just Energy, despite what the people they hired to counter bad press say above.

Stay away from them.


Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences and opinions. I have added a new feature to the blog to allow readers to more easily follow comments. Scroll up the page to just before the comments start, and you will see the orange RSS feed icon next to this text:

"You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post."

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You can use any RSS feed reader software desired. I use the Firefox web browser to monitor hot feeds, and Google Reader to manage all of the RSS feeds I subscribe to.



I have recently got called for an interview for a company called JUST ENERGY. As usual i always like to know more infomation about the company that i am going into interview for. I got nothing but bad review from almost every website that i went to. unbelieveable i thought but was still interested to find out more and how they could get away with it.
So i decided to go to the interview. During the interview they give you this big spill about how the company will save their comsumers so much money on electricity. i started to laugh. I proceeded to listen to what the rep was saying, but when it came to the time to ask questions. She was dumb founded...
I asked why the company has so many complaints on them and they dont ever get back to some. why they tell their employees that they are going to get 90-150 dollars per contract that they sign up for service. And you could apprx get 1500 in one week.
She stated that the average rate that they charge per kilowatt was 11.2 cents.... However when i looked at the pricing infomation for them this price was no where to be found but the 18.3 cents was every where.
When question on what price is right i got told that this must be an error in the printing. How could a 3.8 billion dollars agency do such a big misprint. dont they have editors for this stuff.
She proceed to show me a flier from 2005 showing the price of 11.2 cents....
Just energy does not pay for advertising and they say that it is better for them and their consumers because all the money goes back to them anyway.... YEAH RIGHT.




Lana - you are a just energy troll. First of all, Energy Star compliant appliances are not part of your just energy scam. Although the logo is similar and just what you would expect from a F rated company trying desperately to fool people into believing they are legit. Next, your brochure is full of inaccurate information touting a lower carbon foot print and green house gas emissions. when it's been scientifically proven that this is in of itself a scam that there is no such thing as human induce global warming. I guess your company didn't get the memo. I am in the process as we speak of contacting the chief of police. He is a few homes down from ours, and letting him know what thuggery is befallen his town. I will also get a restraining order against your company as well, if need be.. the two thugs that came back last night after the dog ran the first one off were lucky they did not get arrested. I hope your company sends more people to my home after today. It will be great to see them in the back of a police car. Your troll like nature on this blog speaks volumes as to the reputation of the company that uses deception and intimidation tactics to win business.

Doug Benson

I called Just Energy yesterday to see how much it would cost to be released from my contract and they told me $130 plus tax. I was shocked. They're making a good $300+ off of us a month over Hydro and we still have 2 and a half years left on the contract so I was expecting them to say they wanted thousands to release us.

I was very careful when I called them. I wrote down the time, took the CSR's name and employee number, made sure not say things like "contract I signed" and instead used phrases like "contract I allegedly signed" and I asked the woman 4 or 5 times if I sent them $130 plus tax I will be completely free of all contracts I have with Just Energy and there will be no additional charges and she said yes every time. They're sending the cancellation form out and it should be here in a few weeks, or so they claim.

The woman I talked to was very rude, she kept trying to hang up on me after answering one of my questions and I had to tell her I wasn't done talking to her yet. This happened 5 or 6 times over the course of a 10 minute call.

Ultimately I don't really care how rude the staff are, I'm just glad I'll be free of their contract soon. I probably could fight the $130 but I figure its better just pay it and get it over with as quickly as possible. I still don't think I signed anything and if I did they posed as Hydro or said I had to sign to receive our new Smart Meter. Whatever happened I'm happy this nightmare will soon be over and we should save a couple of hundred dollars a month.


I had a guy come to my home and he got me to sign. Although I didn't give him copy of my phone bill or any personal info except for my home address and name.

I also signed the contract with a different name. He handed me a copy of the contract and said he come back later to speak with me again.

I also noticed on my copy of the form that he didn't list an account number.

Should I be worried about being billed or is there nothing they can do with just an address and name?

Dean Williams

I am so happy to see people are blogging and getting the word out about "Just Energy." How ironic- they are *IN*just. I am a 45-year-old high school teacher and often help out a 90-year-old German friend I have known for 30 years. Just Energy is prowling the streets of Cortland, NY, as well, so beware! They conned their way into her home, looked at her power bills and managed to switch her electric and gas services to Just Energy. They left her no paperwork to show what she had done. After the fact she felt something was odd and called the police to her home. She had jotted down names of the two men she let in and the company name. I spent time researching and over two days managed to get her services returned to the original suppliers. My advice: get locks or freezes on your accounts so that companies like this can't be parasites and plant themselves on you or your elderly friends/relatives. I would love this info to make it to the Cortland papers. That will be my next project.

Doug Benson

Frank, I would call them and tell you don't want a contract just to be safe. You really don't want to get stuck paying their prices, trust me.


Thank you for this post. A few minutes someone from Just Energy came knocking at my door. Sure enough, they asked to see a copy of my recent gas bill claiming that they wanted to do research about how much we were paying for gas, and how much they could save us, etc. I was suspicious about it. Thankfully, I am always online. A quick check on Just Energy made me feel better about my gut feeling. I politely turned her away without showing her anything. I just said that I was not comfortable showing anyone my financial information but that I would look up her company on my own time if she could leave her business card. She left saying we can always look them up on the internet.


One of these representatives showed up at my apartment today, while I was out and sat down with my roommate. I am the account holder, but she showed them our bill. She didn't sign anything, however I'm still a little scared that they can still switch over my account without my permission. Is this possible? I called ConEd and told them to block my account. The customer rep at ConEd seemed to also be encouraging a switch which I found strange...Is there anything else I should do to protect myself from this company?



Thanks for sharing. Sorry to hear of your experience. If I were you, I'd have a serious discussion with my roommate about personal information and good data security habits. She should not have showed a stranger the bill without first asking you and getting your permission; especially since you are the account holder. If your roommate disclosed your data in this instance, she may do it in other instances (e.g., other door-to-door sales people, phone account, cable account, online at social networking sites, etc.).



Last week, we received a bill from our gas company...with an $82 supplier charge...the total charges from the gas company were about $60. My amount due was over $140.

When i signed up, i understood that Just Energy would fix a rate of $0.79 per therm. Turns out 104 therms x $0.79 = $82. Just Energy fixes a supplier charge which is then added to my Total Current Charges. Their fixed rate doesn't apply to anything with the actual gas prices...those continue to change with the market.

When i looked back about old bills, before a Just Energy rep showed up at my door, there were NO supplier charges.

I hadn't noticed the supplier charge until this month when our usage went up due to the lowering temperatures. You really notice $82!!!

I got out today...though it will take a couple billing cycles to finalize it...plus a $50 cancellation fee.



I too have been drawn into Just Energy just earlier tonight and upon researching it I found I made a big mistake. When the representative came to my door I thought he was from my energy company or at least someone affiliated with them he didn't state he was from Just Energy so I got my bill thinking it was my energy company wanting to check my rates ( a dumb mistake on my part). He then went on about how they have lower rates and how if I paid more then I would have with my original provider that I would be reimbursed. It sounded good to me. When he left I started really reading the contract and felt I should do some online research. I found many complaints and reports of things like lawsuits and bad Better Business reports. I tried to call right away to cancel and it was after business hours. I'll be calling first thing in the morning and appreciate the suggestion to call my provider to block any change they might try to put through before the cancellation. I hope I can resolve this quickly and without a hassle from Just Energy.


They have been knocking on my door in Ohio several times. Just Energy has received a lot of bad press. I foolishly signed up for it, and then by law, they have to give you a cooling off period, and you can inform your present gas supplier (Columbia Gas of Ohio), through their automated system to cancel any 3rd party requests to switch accounts, BUT you have to do this on or before the date on the cancellation notice.

The notice has two numbers on it. One puts you straight back to Just Energies Customer "care" dept, which if they realise you wish to cancel, will try their best to keep you. Hang up, and call the Columbia number.

I would call the Columbia number a few times afterwards too, just to make sure everyone is doing their job.

It's money for old rope, and that's a perfect analogy of whats going on here.

Anyone who comes on here to defend Just Energy (or whatever it trades under) has no real case, just commissions to protect. 98% profit, I'm sure a 2% loss is acceptable. No matter how thin you slice it..it's still BS.

Get informed, raise your voice, and simply say "No thanks" As soon as I see them walk up my path my reply is "Sorry I'm a 3rd party contractor for Columbia Gas"..they will write that down in on a separate piece of paper, probably a DNC list.

Thanks for listening


Hi I live in Bictor NY and on 8 Dec a well dressed young man from Just Energy came to my door and asked about my energy co choice which I answered I had made my choice for the folling year. To this he said he needed to varify my choice by looking at my recent utility bill. He picked the wrong house to do this as I am a retired utility worker and know I am NEVER requirted to show my bill to anyone to prove who I am using. To this he said that it is part of his job to do that.... NOT the right answer!!! I explained to him I was going to call the authorites to be sure he had the right to do what he said to which his comment was he did not want to argue with me and left. Your web site is one of many that confirmed that this Co. is NOT on the up & up with people.


Could it be that Just Energy appears to be "ripping people off" because NG prices stabilized or dropped during the recession? I asked a lot of questions of the salesman, and fully understood I was locking my rate in for 5 years. I am assuming that energy prices will continue their upward trend as the world consumes more and more. If I am wrong I accept will accept it, but stand by my choice.


Perhaps so many people are getting "conned" by this company because they just don't understand what they are getting into when they sign?



Is great that you asked a lot of questions. Most people don't understand about deregulation and that is exacting what this company is looking for. Uniform customers. With door-to-door sale, it caught people of guard, no one expect a con artist knocking on their door.

If you call their call center, they will talk about their Price Protection Plan and how it save you from the ups and downs of the market, but they leave out the higher cost for the piece of mind.

Did you ask them about a chart displaying the price of the regulated natural gas price for the past 5-10 years and another chart displaying Just Energy 5 years fixed rate? Then combine those two charts together. You will see that this fixed rate stuff that they sell is a gamble. Just Energy has about 98% chance of profit, or 98% chance for anyone signing up losing money.

Good gamble for the company, not for homeowners.

You don't save money, thats what they dont tell you and they definitely dont want you to be inform about that. Thats why the high pressure door-to-door tactics.

Now is Dec 2010, there many complaints that can be trace back as far as 2006, or 2001. There were thousands of complaints about Jsut Energy.

That came with many regulations. The company had to keep itself straight, perhaps you are from Ohio and just last month Just Energy was fine and its the same ol' story, its not the compnay its their outsource sale people.

They don't want to lose their linsense, so they better be honest with you Tony.


I want to add one more thing. I received the reaffirm called by Just Energy, I remember because it was 8AM in the mourning. I thought at that time, why the heck the Ontario government called me at 8AM? They don't open till 9 or 10am, with a name like Ontario Energy Saving (now Just Energy) it does imply some kind of government agency..no?

I remember that call because it was a fast talking rep, and I said yes to everything since I just got up and rushing to go to work. I have the copy of the recording I will post it on youtube later. As well as the recording of my mother who does not speak or understand English that well.

Now 5 years later, we found out that Ontario Energy Savings is a private company. That fast talking rep who called at 8AM was another trickery by the company to get people to say yes when they just woke up. The rep was in a rush because he must had many people to call that mourning and he wanted to get to them as quickly as possible while people are rushing or getting up, good way to get to people to say yes so they can get on with their day.

Just Energy is GARBAGE, apologies by the founder or CEO is not good enough, but it's a start. The only thing they need to change is to stop using door-to-door sales and that won't happen because they want easy money.

Karen Rite

It's now December 17, 2010, and Just Energy rang my doorbell. The young man said he wanted to look at a copy of my energy bill - he wanted to see the logo on it to see if it was a current logo. It sounded like bull to me. I told him I do everything on line and that I didn't have a bill for him to look at. Asked for a business card, he said he didn't have them printed anymore. He gave me a sheet of paper with some info on it and hand wrote his name on the sheet. I had a feeling he was looking for his companies logo on my energy bill and would have tried to sell me their services if he saw that their company was not my supplier. Tricky way to see if it would be worth his time to pitch his company.


I just encountered two "reps" for Just Energy who came knocking at my door this evening. I find it odd that their common practice is to ask to see your electric bill, even before they explain what they are doing. I declined to show them it. I asked for some more information, or brochures from them that I could look at on my own time, but they had nothing, not even a card. I felt uncomfortable when they mentioned that the reason they were out canvassing so late was because they noticed that no one was home at my house earlier. I think any reputable electric company would have a much more professional approach that all of this. I am thinking about calling the police to check these guys out. I have never seen or heard of them before, and couldn't believe how many other people here have had this same strange encounter with them. I'd watch out for these folks, something definately didn't seem right about it all!


I just signed with Just Energy here in Ontario. I had been thinking for of it for a couple of weeks since their last visit. My previous contract with their predesessor company Universal Energy was a disaster. Bills went way up due to "balancing costs". I toughed it out for five years and that is up in March. But Just Energy seems more legit. I hope so. The rate of 7.5 c/kwh beats both the mid-peak and peak rates offered by the local utility. We have time of use meters here in Ontario which go into effect soon (I should check this). Also with rates expected to increase in the near future the 7.5 cents sounds even better. I was told that balancing fees are now limited to at most 1 cent monthly average over the 5 years. I asked for clarification on this. I think I understood. Worst case price goes up to 8.5 c/kwh at the very end of the contract. So it seems good. If the local utility is the devil you know, is Just Energy the devil you don't know or are they really the only "good guys" in this business.



Just Energy as "good guys"? With that comment I assume you're just another employee or sale contractor by the company. Also you dont even mention about the off-peak electricity rate in Ontario at 5.1 c/kWh, which you pay about 58% of the time if you stick with the local utility.

Just Energy is now the parent company of Universal Energy. They are now the same company as of 2009 and you still supporting them even it was a "disaster"?

In Ontario, you can get a 5 years as fixed rate for electricity as low as 7.29 ¢/kWh. If you really want to save money get the 1 year fixed rate at 5.39 ¢/kWh, but you can't get a 1 year fixed rate with Just Energy, they want you to lock in for 5 years.

Honestly, I would just stick with the local utility and pay the rate with the smart mater (Time-of_use) or go with a 1 year fixed and if I wanted a 5 years fixed rate. I would NEVER support a company like Just Energy, who has a history of scams and fraud. Lets not support this company.

Here's the electricity rate in Ontario with your local utility with smart meter (time-of-use):

5.1 ¢/kWh (off-peak) -> 58% of the time you get this rate
8.1 ¢/kWh (mid-peak) -> 18% of the time you get this rate
9.9 ¢/kWh (on-peak) -> 23% of the time you get this rate

Get the rates here:
[link removed at commenter's request]

Now you want to lock in with a company like Just Energy and pay them 100% of the time at 7.29 ¢/kWh. With the possibility of increase to 8.5¢/kWh. Last time we checked, we last money and Just Energy used some of the most unethical tactics we ever encounter inside our own home! I'll pass.


I just checked your link above and noticed the off peak hours that represent 58% of the time was late nights and week ends. I realized from looking at my bills that 80% of my usage was during the "peak" and "mid peak" hours. Surely you would not have missed that. With that being said 7.5cent sounds pretty good. I'm going to do some research on this just energy company. Oh by the way. If been reading some of your posts and realize your research is flawed. When doing research look for the good thing about the company not the bad. Anyone could put junk or slander a companie name on the Internet. I'll be back.


I'm back I just found that the chair and co-founder of just energy had won the alger horatio award in Washington. Didn't Oprah win that award before. I thought it was impressive.

I just found out energy savings was awarded company of the year by the OEA in 2007.

Here is a natural gas chart for the past 20 years. If you signed in 2005-08 it look like you were shit out of luck. Any time befor that I bet you would have saved money. And it's looking good right about now rates are as low as they've been in 8 years.


I also found that just energy is one of the largest supplier in north America. I read an article about them teaming up with renewable power generators.


Bottom line is I read a lot of bad things about them but to me it hold no weight. The good thing about them are pretty Impressive.


I could not help but notice all the references to the BBB in the postings. Well here are a couple links to look at...


Below is the BBB on abc news. I guess they're a scam. The news said so. Right!



Now you have a new name, what happened to Dennis? Lol What research is flaw? Point it Out! Please!

5.1 c/kWh (off-peak) -> 58% of the time you get this rate
8.1 c/kWh (mid-peak) -> 18% of the time you get this rate
9.9 c/kWh (on-peak) -> 23% of the time you get this rate

That's not flaw its fact! Hello! I didn't miss it, that's why you go to my page and read it. And Yes these rates changes in different times of the day but is not flaw because if you go to the link it explain everything. I didnt want to hold your hands on everything, now do I?

I love it when someone says it's a flaw but they don't explain it or point it out which part. At least I try to explain as clear as I can and have proof to my researches.

Smart meter with Time-of-Use depends on the time and I think having 5.1c/kWh on my weekends is a good thing, because I am home all the time on the weekends. Better than paying 7.29 or 8.5, also there are cheaper fixed rate programs out there. Just Energy is not the cheapest if you want fix rate for 5 years.

Maybe Just Emergy need to act up and there won't be any bad things to talk about them, that's not a flaw. There are many energy companies out there. The ones I questions are the ones that has bad reputation and use misleading door-to-door sales.

Wow the chair and co-founder Rebbaca what's her name won alger horatio, what does that mean? She con a lot of people and I'm sure she can dis-out some money to help a few. You know who other won the alger horatio?

Kenneth Lay, the founder of ENRON, he too won the award. Look it up on wiki about Kenneth Lay. He won many other awards and he ended up doing pretty good huh?

Yea, they won the Ontario Energy Association (OEA) award for the company of the year in 2007. Do you know who were the Board of Directors at OEA when the award was given out? You know the Board of Directors that run the place and decide who should they hand the award to. A guy by the name of Brennan Mulcahy, Chief Executive Officer of The Energy Savings Group, Mississauga, ON.

Who is Brenna Mulcahy? Take a wild guess… Brenna Mulcahy is one of the co founder of Just Energy, at the time it was called Energy Savings Group or The Energy Savings Croup in Mississauga. Just look it up. Currently, Ken Hartwick the President and CEO of Just Energy is the Board of Director of OEA.

That's like Bill Gate working at a place called Ontario Operating System Association and awarded Microsoft for the company of the year. How much weight does that have in the award?

I know this awhile ago just didn't have time to post it on my site, there were just so many negative things about this company I didn't get around to do it. Now I will have it up thanks for reminding me.

OK now you're talking about Natural Gas? I thought we were on electricity. Yes the price of natural gas is low right now, but keep in mind Just Energy 5 years fixed rate is not the cheapest. If you want to really save money, go get the 1 year fixed rate on gas and/or electricity and you know Just Energy doesn't sell 1 year.

Here's the actual BBB ratings at BBB website, http://www.bbb.org/chicago/business-reviews/natural-gas-companies/just-energy-in-chicago-il-86002251

But if you think BBB is a scam then don't use it. Not that hard and stop watching the news because I bet they're scams too. Its up to your judgement.

And here's one video news about Just Energy:

No its not because it is on the news Just Energy is a scam. It is because I experienced it myself, along with my family, co-worker, as well as complaints in numberless of forums/blogs like this one, along with lawsuits by the General Attorney of Illinois (which by the way Just Energy paid 1 million out of court, if they were innocent why pay?), multiple charges by the Attorney General of New York, charges by the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC), charges by Ohio Public Utilities Commissions (just last month Nov 2010), also a fine by the Ontario Energy Board long time ago, as well as in countless of news papers and articles! And so on!

I guess these people, government regulators, ME, news organizations are scams just like the BBB.

NO! You are just insane!


Jlo and everyone:

Whether or not a consumer saves money with Just Energy's plan is one issue. Another issue is the sales tactics. The first thing out of a sales rep's mouth should not be a request to see a consumer's utilities bill. It should be proof of the the sales rep's identity followed by examples and/or proof of the savings (not vague promises). There has been so much identity theft and fraud that consumers are rightly skeptical when a stranger asks to see sensitive personal information.

I have nothing against door-to-door sales persons. During college, I made money selling books this way during a summer job. But, I clearly identified myself first, provided clear documentation of my employer, and provided a company phone number where people couple verify things. Plus, where appropriate I bought the local town's sellers licenses. However, when I was in college identity theft was not the problem it is today. The company's sales model has to account for this.

My point is: business needs to be done in a business manner. Earn my trust FIRST, and then I will share my sensitive personal information with you. My experience, and some consumers' comments on this blog post suggest otherwise by Just Energy sales reps. The company may blame this situation on the reps, but at the end of the day it is the company that trains its reps. It doesn't matter how many awards some senior executives (in corporate headquarters) may have won. The comments in this blog post are about what is happening "on the ground" at consumers' homes. The BBB complaints -- both the total and the number unresolved -- are a clear indicator.

I have invited Just Energy executives to an interview or to reply to the comments in this blog. So far, the company has not replied... not even a "thanks, but no thanks." That is an indicator, too.



Is just energy register under the BBB.( a scam in it's self). If not the BBB would not know of the resolved cases therefor have an inaccurate representation of it's compliance tactics.

I've look to see which company has the most customers. Out of the following
Mx energy
Direct energy
Just Energy
(If there are any more please let me know, I would like to do research on them as well. )
I notice just energy had over 2.4 million customer. How many complaints have there been. It would have to be 24,000 complaints for the ratio to be 1%. I think I read something about there being 400 complaint at the BBB. That's 0.00017% complaint ratio. I WISH MY COMPANY COULD HAVE A COMPLAINT RATIO LIKE THAT.


Like George says, its about misleading door-to-door sale. As well as misleading reaffirmation over the phone. The BBB doesn't account for all the complaints. There are more complaints, people dont complaint through BBB all the time and there are other people who just cancel and don't even bother complaining.

There are many alternative energy suppliers, it differ from each states and provinces. Go look it up.

If you look at my previous comment,BBB is NOT the only organization people complaint through. There are MANY besides BBB.

It seem like you can only read up to BBB, there are other organizations too!

I can only speak for myself, we were lock in with Ontario Energy Savings (now Just Energy) since 2001 without knowing it was a private company. They came to the door, implying they were from our local utility, had my non speaking English mother sign.

Also the name it self, Ontario Energy Savings imply savings and Ontario imply some kind of Ontario government agency. If they didn't change the name to Just Energy we would probably be stuck with them today.

I'm sure there are more people like us.

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