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International Business Machines logo Long-time readers know that I named this blog to honor the company that lost my sensitive personal data during a February 2007 data breach. Since then, i try to give IBM the media attention it earns.

Last week, InformationWeek magazine reported that IBM gave attendees at the AusCERT information security conference in Australia virus-infected infected USB thumb drives. IBM followed up this snafu with an apology via e-mail. The InformationWeek article contains the text of the e-mail message.

Nobody at IBM bothered to check the USB thumb drives before distributing them to conference attendees? Wow! And this occurred at a security conference, too.

If I ever received a free USB drive from the leading computer and security company worldwide, that advises other companies how to deal with data breaches, I'll be sure to scan it with anti-virus software first.


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How ironic. Guess 'free' isn't always free.



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