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Last week several news media sites announced the change by to provide its members with greater control over the user's information disclosed by apps. According to the Facebook blog:

"Today, we're taking the next step by providing more transparency and control over the information you share with third-party applications and websites with a new, simpler application authorization process."

Here's what the new authorization page for an app looks like:

New Facebook page with authorization for apps

This is simple alright. Too simple. Why? The page presents one authorization button for three different types of information. Seems to me there should be three check boxes so the Facebook member can select which information type(s) to authorize for an app.

Facebook's solution is all-or-none. You either approve the app or you don't. A minimal change from before.

I suspect this is a sneaky way to get members to authorize apps while claiming they are providing members with more control. Not!

What's your opinion of this?


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I registered this morning, Facebook has been forced to change jobs and location information in the links page, with no possibility of keeping this information private.

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