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Periodically, this blog covers outsourcing and offshore outsourcing because much of consumers' sensitive personal data is transmitted to and processed by companies in remote locations and/or other countries. On Monday, the NBC affiliate in Columbus Ohio reported the results of an investigation where the State of Ohio award a contract (funded by taxpayers stimulus money) to a company that outsourced the jobs to a firm outside the USA.

This is wrong is so many ways. Stimulus money is for jobs here, not overseas. And, companies need to be transparent in disclosing their outsourcing activities, especially in website terms. The televised news report:


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I think it is right that companies should be transparent when disclosing in any outsourcing activities to keep it confidential. Thank you so much for sharing us this informative post! Good Luck and More Power!


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This is nice information that you posted here. I would like to think that this can really help people raise their awareness in these things.

advantages of outsourcing

Outsourcing has become popular all over the world. A lot of skilled persons work under many outsourcing company or websites. These companies or websites should be transparent about the income of them.


Dear Advantages:
Yes, there are plenty of advantages ** to companies** to outsource various functions, namely to lower costs. Several posts in this blog (see http://ivebeenmugged.typepad.com/my_weblog/outsourcing/ ) have cautioned consumers to ask what these outsource vendors do to protect the sensitive customer information they handle, and whether they report data breaches to their client company. To focus only on the advantages is misleading.


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