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It was good to read this Huffington Post slideshow: "What Not to Post on Facebook: 13 Things You Should Not Tell Your facebook Friends." The first item on the list is an item I warned readers about way back in March 2009. Some of the items on the list might surprise you, like your children's names.

A lot of supposedly smart people I know in website design and development positions at digital advertising agencies insist on posting/tweeting their daily locations and home/work travel. That is a no-no, too. When you do that, you make it easy for a criminal to data-mine your social media profile stream and construct a daily pattern of when you are at work, home, the gym, grocery shopping, and picking up the kids from daycare.

Post about vacation or extended business trip after you return home. When do I go on vacation? You'll never know because the blogging software I use lets me preset blog post publishing times. So, new blog posts are published when I am not at my computer.

The list of things you should not post on Facebook (or any other social media website):

  1. Your birth date: identity criminals use this to distinguish between multiple people with the same name
  2. Your mother's maiden name: a common security question used by many websites
  3. Your home address
  4. Your long trips from home
  5. Your short trips from home

Items that weren't on the HuffPost list and should have been:

  • Criminal activity or laws you have broken
  • Confidential information about your employer
  • Your Social Security Number or equivalent taxpayer identification number
  • Your Medicare card number
  • Things (e.g., pets' names, children's names, favorite colors, favorite celebrities) you also use as passwords for your financial accounts

To read the full list, visit the Huffington Post website.


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Stephen Jones

Excellent material, Brad. I've sent the list to family and friends.

Judy Kingston-Smith

I have read about this before and told some family members and friends as well. Funny thing is, many of them still have these details up for anyone to see...

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