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Are some Facebook pages more dangerous than others? Which Facebook pages are infected with computer viruses? Which Facebook pages are likely to infect your posts with spam?

There is a good blog post at the SafeToBe.Me blog titled, "Top 10 Most Dangerous and Spamiest Facebook Pages" that answers these questions. The SafeToBe.Me is the name of both the Facebook application ("app") and the data-security company that produces the app:

"The application looks for spam, malware, phishing scams, automatic file downloads, and strong language. SafeToBe.Me scans Facebook Pages, status updates, comments to statuses, and application posts, and notifies users of any potential spam or danger."

The application monitors the 5,000 most popular Facebook pages. Obviously, there are more than 5,000 Facebook pages. That means there are dangerous facebook pages that are not yet monitored because those pages either aren't as popular, or the page owners haven't enabled the app.

Actually, the application produces two top 10 lists weekly. One list includes Facebook pages that contain the dangerous phishing, malware, and/or computer viruses in its status message post timeline. The second list include Facebook pages that produce the most spam. Farmville, a popular Facebook application, is on both lists.

An application like this is long overdue, because spammers and identity thieves are using Facebook more and more. With 500 million members, spammers and identity criminals would natural target I want an app like this to monitor the multitude of apps available for consumers's smart phones, PDAs, and tablet computers.

Since the list of dangerous pages changes weekly, I did not mention this week's list in this log post. You can visit the SafeToBe.Me blog to read the latest list for yourself. You may recognize Facebook pages that you already like, or pages that you plan to visit. You now know which Facebook pages to avoid.

What do you think of this app? Would you like a similar app to scan the apps on your tablet computer or smartphone?


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