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Phishing Attack Targets Epsilon Breach Victims

Fraudsters have begun phishing attacks as a result of the Epsilon data breach.

Websense warned last week of an attack targeting consumers affected by the Epsilon breach. The phishing or fake Epsilon website looks like the official Epsilon website, and presents a bogus press release update that tries to get unsuspecting consumers to download a file that contains malware:

"The fake update goes on to state that people can check to see if their personal information was lost by downloading and installing an "Epsilon Secure Connect Tool." The downloaded file is called EpsilonSecureConnect.exe and has little detection as a Trojan dropper."

The malware can comprise consumers' computers, and potentially download more malware and/or steal sensitive personal information. The Websense site includes images of the attack page.

Consumers should know that phishing threats take the form of both bogus e-mails and websites.


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