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Citigroup Increases Number of Breach Victims To 360 Thousand

In a press release distributed late Wednesday evening, Citigroup announced that its data breach investigation had discovered about 360+ thousand customers were affected. Citigroup had previously announced that about one percent or 210+ thousand customers were affected.

Citigroup also explained further its post-breach actions:

"... internal fraud alerts and enhanced monitoring were placed on all accounts deemed at risk. Simultaneously, rigorous analysis began to determine the precise accounts and type of information accessed. The majority of accounts impacted were identified within seven days of discovery."

Various media sources reported that the hackers accessed Citigroups site by logging in as a cardholders, and then easily accessed other prohibited areas. Experts speculate that Citigroup's online protection methods weren't as strong as they should have been.

The number of affected customers by state:

Alabama: 1,588
Alaska: 353
Arkansas: 2,840
Arizona: 6,600
California: 80,454
Colorado: 6,361
Connecticut: 5,066
District of Columbia: 834
Delaware: 701
Florida: 20,303
Georgia: 4,147
Hawaii: 1,946
Idaho: 1,076
Iowa: 3,7990
Illinois: 30,054
Indiana: 6,069
Kansas: 1,910
Kentucky: 1,630
Louisiana: 3,220
Maine: 703
Maryland: 5,041
Massachusetts: 7,904
Michigan: 10,889
Minnesota: 5,764
Mississippi: 837
Missouri: 4,774
Montana: 839
North Carolina: 4,822
North Dakota: 608
Nebraska: 1,063
New Hampshire: 1,116
New Jersey: 8,791
New Mexico: 2,246
Nevada: 2,946
New York 25,312
Ohio: 5,547
Oklahoma: 5,208
Oregon: 3,839
Pennsylvania: 8,490
Puerto Rico: 105
Rhode Island: 827
South Carolina: 1,657
South Dakota: 886
Tennessee: 2,753
Texas: 44,134
Utah: 1,955
Virginia: 5,337
Virgin Islands: 79
Vermont: 509
Washington: 6,511
Wisconsin: 7,838
West Virginia: 525
Wyoming: 485
Other: 801

On May 24, Citigroup began notifying all affected customers and issuing replacement credit cards.

This latest press release explained some of the actions Citigroup has taken since the breach:


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