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Win Some Cash! Enter The Privacy Concern Contest on Twitter

Here is an opportunity to win some cash! PrivateWiFi, a provider of secure wireless services, is operating a contest via Twitter. Tweet your biggest privacy and security concern and you might win one of the following prizes:

  • First Prize: $300
  • Second Prize: $200
  • Third Prize: $100

The contest started July 12 and ends Friday, July 22. Browse contest rules. You can enter multiple tweets. After the deadline, PrivateWiFi will select the three winning tweets. To enter the contest, tweet your online privacy and security concerns to @PrivateWiFi and use the hashtag #ilikeprivacy. Here is my entry:

@PrivateWiFi Banks selling consumers' debit card shopping habits to 3rd parties. Broken trust & don't know where data goes. #ilikeprivacy

Here are a few other entries:

"SarahaADowney My biggest privacy concern is the collection, sale, & public display of personal data on people search websites. #ilikeprivacy"

"TomBarten my biggest privacy concern is not knowing, and not being able to find out, what happens to your personal data. #ilikeprivacy"

"CAPAPA Privacy-invasive provisions of the negotiated-in-secret Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement #ACTA #ilikeprivacy"

So, visit Twitter.com or fire up the twitter app on your mobile device and enter the contest today!

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