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Do you think that two guys selling a couple Apple iPads in a McDonald's fast-food restaurant is legitimate? Say, they offered each iPad for $300. Would you buy one?

A South Carolina woman did, and sadly found out that when she arrived home that she had bought "a brick in a box." More precisely, the 22-year-old woman, Ashley McDowell, bought a fake Apple iPad made of wood and painted with an Apple logo on it. You can view a photo of this fake iPad at the Smoking Gun website.

Ashley offered and paid the scam artists $180 for the iPad, which was sealed inside a FedEx shipping box:

"But when McDowell drove home and opened the FedEx box containing the iPad, she instead discovered the wood with the Apple logo. The “screen”--which was framed with black tape--included replicas of iPad icons for Safari, mail, photos, and an iPod."

Police are searching for the two scam artists.

A word to the wise: if an offer sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Or, at least inspect the device before you hand over the cash.


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She's either a sweetheart or really, really, gullible.

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