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The Dave

Let me offer a counter-point as to why I don't lock my device.

When my iPhone is locked, I have a choice between using an long timeout, in which case a thief probably will encounter the device unlocked and can do what they please, rendering the passcode pointless.

Alternatively I can use a short timeout, which means that a thief might still find it unlocked, but because I'm entering it so frequently, a would-be thief who wants access to the data need only watch me enter my code a few times to learn it themselves, rendering the lockout pointless.

Sure, in the event of a lost or forgotten device it might protect my data, but then the moment I lose my device I'll be online locking it remotely, followed by activating the GPS and attempting to retrieve it.

If I regularly lost or misplaced my device, I'd lock it with a short code and live with the annoyance and the risk, but since I don't, I consider it an acceptable risk; if I didn't have the ability to lock, locate and wipe remotely I might feel differently, but as it turns out, I do have that capability.


I am never going with Iphone, i really faced many issues with Iphone 4. it was very expensive and i have my issues still unresolved. I feel am the only one with this issue. anyways it was good to come here.


I think there are some best practices here.

First, I am not sure if I lock my phone if I can answer it when it rings. I won't have time to enter the secure passcode...that's a problem.

Second never, never, set up your bank, or any site that has confidential or financial info on it so that you can access it without putting in a password. All banking sites should require you to put in your passcode even from your smart phone each time you use it.

That's how I minimize risk.


I think that people should definitely keep a password but remembering it is a must concern.I specially like this post as being an iphone user i also like to protect my phone.

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Password protection is very important, but make sure you also write down the password somewhere when you forget it.

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Um yes. Considering most people now have their entire LIVES on their phone, letting it fall into the wrong hands could be tragic to say the least. Lock that thing up! And yes, as the previous commenters said...REMEMBER YOUR PASSWORD.

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