ABC News: The Backlash Is Underway As Consumers Move Their Money To Credit Unions
Some Banks Reverse Decisions To Add New Debit Card Fees

8 Ways To Avoid The New Banking Fees

Some consumers have decided not to move their money to a credit union or community bank. If you are one of those customers, you are probably wondering what you can do to avoid those new, hefty fees including the new debit card fees.

There is an article at which provides eight tips on how to avoid these new banking fees. If you can, to avoid the new monthly debit-card fees use your debit card only only at your bank's ATM machines. Don't use your debit card to make purchases at retail stores or online websites. advises:

  • Know the rules at your bank for when fees are applied and to which accounts
  • Read all notices you bank sends. Things change and you have to keep up
  • Consider moving your money to an online bank (e.g., a bank that does not have any brick-and-mortar branch offices
  • Add services like direct deposit and paperless statements
  • Consolidate your accounts to meet any minimums for accounts that aren't charged fees
  • Talk with a bank representative in-person and ask them to waive the fees

To learn more, read the Bankrate.coom article.


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