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Attention All Borders Customers! October 15 Deadline Approaches

Attention all customers of the Borders book chain! The Saturday October 15 deadline approaches quickly.

You must act and opt out by the deadline if you do not want your personal contact information and purchase history transmitted to the company which is buying Borders' assets. According too the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC):

"... as part of Borders’ sale of assets in a bankruptcy proceeding, Barnes and Noble is acquiring customer information from Borders, including email addresses and purchase histories. Consumers can opt out of having Borders share that information, but they must do it before the October 15 deadline. An email from Barnes and Noble with a subject line that reads “Important Information Regarding Your Borders Account” explains how you may opt out of having your information transferred to Barnes and Noble."

Opt-out information is also available at and


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