Plenty Of Collateral Damage From a Credit Card Theft
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Debit Cards: A New I've Been Mugged Topic

Since many consumers have shifted their purchases from cash and credit cards to debit cards, I have added a new topic in the tag cloud in the near right column. With recent events in the banking industry, new offerings allows employers to perform direct deposits to employees payroll cards, a customized version of debit cards. The "Debit Cards" topic includes this content of interest to consumers and residential banking customers. I hope that you like the new category.


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We've been mugged by the Robo-signer scandal and no prosections so far. One mugging at a time.

And wasn't Frank-Dodd supposed to fix this?

Alex Kennedy

Using a debit card may mean you have less protection than you would with a credit card for goods that are never delivered, are defective or were misrepresented. But, as with credit cards, you can dispute unauthorized charges or other mistakes within 60 days. Contact your bank if a problem with a merchant cannot be resolved.

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