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The Personal Data Elements Consumers Want To Keep Private Online

At the All Things D blog, Liz Gannes has posted a very interesting inforgraphic about the data elements consumers care about and want to keep private online. The inforgraphic was created from a research report by Forrester Research. Some of the data elements and the percent of consumers that care about each item:

  • 72% - Social Security number
  • 71% - credit card number
  • 62% - driver's license number
  • 57% - credit score
  • 52% - Internet browsing history

This was a good infographic. It would have been even better if it included consumers' GPS location history, since so many mobile phone companies, telecommunications companies, and social networking websites collect this data. When and where you go in the physical world is very valuable and equally sensitive data. It is a way of uniquely defining you.


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Dale Penn

George, your list (including GPS tracking) is especially important considering the fact that 99.999% of the people on the internet are people we don't know.

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