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There is an excellent Facecrooks blog post that explains the risks of installing most "fun and entertaining" apps on Facebook. First, you have to understand the extreme limitations of Facebook:

"... there is no formal review process for applications or developers on the Facebook platform. Anyone and everyone (scammers included) can create apps. This is far different from the “Walled Garden” approach taken by Apple. Many unsuspecting users might be under the impression that if it’s on Facebook then it must be legitimate. That is totally not the case."

Second, think long and hard before installing any app that requires you to give it permission to:

  • Access all of the data in your Facebook profile
  • Access all of your Facebook friends list
  • Post as you
  • Just because the app address starts with HTTPS doesn't mean it is safe
  • Doesn't have a privacy policy
  • Has a privacy policy you don't like

Third, it is wise for Facebook members to "like" Facecrooks and follow its posts, so you are aware of emerging threats and scams.


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