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Several Websites Are Dark Today To Protest SOPA And PIPA

To protest the proposed SOPA and PIPA legislation in the U.S. Congress, several websites have gone dark for the day. Critics of the legislation are concerned about the legislation's negative impacts on jobs and on free speech on the Internet. You could call the proposed legislation an online mugging.

Some of the websites that have promised to go dark on Wednesday:

  • Free Press
  • iSchool at Syracuse University
  • Mozilla
  • Reddit
  • TwitPic
  • Wikipedia
  • WordPress
  • XDA Developers

Other websites, like Google, support the protest by remaining available but with anti-SOPA and anti-PIPA messaging:

"End Piracy, Not Liberty"

In December, GoDaddy reversed its support of SOPA after many users protested by moving their websites to competitors' hosting services.

If you want to learn more about the online protest, read this. If you want to learn more about SOPA and PIPA, read the analysis by EFF. The text of the SOPA legislation is here. ABC News has a basic summary.


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