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Big Banks vs. Credit Unions

If you are unsure about whether or not to move your money from a big banks to a small, community bank and credit union, consider the statistics below from Consumer Reports:

Item / FeeBig BanksCredit Unions
Non-interest Checking (per month) $10.27 $6.00
Minimum Balance to Waive Fees $1,115.97 $500.00
Online Bill Payment (per month) $6.95 $0.00
Use Another Bank's ATM (per transaction)
$2.21 $1.07
ATM Surcharge (per transaction)
$2.96 $2.79
Overdraft (per transaction)
$34.48 $27.82
Insufficient Funds (per transaction)
$34.48 $27.82
Stop Payment (per transaction)
$31.09 $19.43

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A very nice and shortened post to provide Quick review of the exact difference between credit union and big banks


Credit unions are really better than big banks. These big banks charge very high charges; even credit unions charge just half charges for the same services. I really didn’t about these differences, but your blog post has good information about it.


These transaction charges are really very high and it is very difficult for a normal human to afford these charges. Minimum Balance to Waive Fees is really unexpected for me. These big players in banking industry are really doing wrong with people.

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