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New Features Available On I've Been Mugged

I am pleased to announce several new features available on this blog. Perhaps, you have already noticed them.

In the near right column, the "Greatest Hits: Facebook" module has been renamed to "Using Facebook Safely" to better reflect the focused blog posts content in this module. The far right column includes two new modules: "George's Picks" and "Popular Discussions."

The "George's Picks module includes investigative and controversial blog posts which I believe that you won't want to miss. Consider them gems with emerging issues. The "Popular Discussions" module includes blog posts with lots of comments activity.

To explore this blog and find discussions, you can use the tag cloud in the near right column. In the far right column, you can use either the "Recent Comments" or the "Recent Posts" modules.

Thanks for visiting I've Been Mugged. Tell your friends and come back soon!


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Great! Great! I love those new features. Thanks for announcing.

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