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Hackers Target Facebook Users With New Malware Tool To Steal Credit Card Information

In case you haven't heard, scammers and identity thieves have targeted social networking users. Trusteer reported a new scam by identity theives using a new version of the "Ice IX" malware.

After a Facebook member (within an infected computer) has logged into their Facebook account, the "Ice IX" malware spawns a new browser with a fake Facebook page which prompts users to enter credit card information for supposed additional data security protection. Of course, no security protection is provided, and the malware steals both the consumer's credit card information and other sensitive personal data stored on your computer.

This is another fine example of the creativity and persistence of scammers and identity thieves. Visit the Trusteer website to view screen images of the fake Facebook page. To learn more about how to protect yourself when using and its mobile apps, see the links in the "Using Facebook Safely" module in the near-right column.


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People are increasingly becoming targeted and need to be extraordinarily careful about the sort of information they disclose. There are ones who had instances of people putting bank details and home addresses on these sites


Any technological device, facebook, the Ipad, etc... can be incredible tools for our current life, as long as security upon given information is provided.

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