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Data Breach At Pantone.com

In an April 10, 2012 letter, X-Rite Inc. notified the State of California Attorney General of a data breach where hackers accessed a Pantone.com website server on or about February 6, 2012.The breach notice did not disclose the number of records accessed/stolen, nor the exact method the hackers used.

The breach was discovered by X-Rite management on March 23, 2012. The data accessed and stolen included the names, addresses, and credit card information of customers who bought products at the pantone.com website. X-Rite notified affected customers on April 6. In August 2007, X-Rite announced its acquisition of Pantone for about $180 million.

A copy of the breach notice is available at the State of California Attorney General website and here (Adobe PDF, 23k bytes).


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