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Consumers Pay With Methods Other Than Cash

Some statistics about consumers use of cash versus other payment methods:

"Last year 27 percent of all point-of-sale purchases were made with cash and that number is expected to drop to 23 percent by 2017... plastic cards purchases comprised 66 percent of all in-person sales, with nearly half of them, or 31 percent, made with debit cards, according to Javelin. Last year shoppers used credit cards for 29 percent of point-of-sale purchases; Javelin expects that number to rise to 33 percent by 2017. Shoppers deployed gift cards and prepaid cards for 6 percent of purchases made with plastic last year. A mere 7 percent of transactions involved use of a paper check..."

The Huffington Post article also mentioned a few retail stores than no longer accept cash.


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Dan Hardy

I remember traveling to Australia in 1999 and being amazed that one could pay for gas with a mobile phone. The technology has been around but the US are just catching up.

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