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Data Breach At The Consumerist Website

A data breach at The Consumerist website has exposed the passwords of users who have submitted comments at the website. As a result of the breach, the website was taken down twice last week and the commenting feature was temporarily disabled. In an announcement, the website stated:

"Because of the nature of the investigation, we cannot – at this time – share further details of the specific changes. But we do want you to know of two actions we will be taking in the next few days that may affect your experience on the site:"

So, the breach investigation is ongoing. The website plans to reset all users' passwords. The website advises users to:

  • Change your passwords at any other websites where you use the same password to sign in
  • Run a scan of your computer to check (and remove) any computer viruses installed

At its July 16 breach announcement, the website had hoped to restore the commenting feature in a couple days. At press time, a check of the website found that this feature was still disabled.


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