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Giving Thanks Where Thanks Are Due: The Privacy Crusader

Readers of this blog know that I've written about several high-profile data breaches and the class-action lawsuits associated with them. As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches here in the United States, it is time to give thanks where thanks are due.

I would like to give a warm, heartfelt thanks to the Privacy Crusader, attorney Joseph Malley, for all of his hard work protecting consumers -- both adults and children. You may not know of all of the cases he has been involved in, and the results:

Class ActionYearResults
1. Stealth tracking of Safari browser users class-action / Villegas et al v. Google and Google Inc. Cookie Placement Consumer Privacy Litigation
2012 Several class-action combined. Selected as co-lead counsel
2. Mobile app collects address book data without notice nor consent / Hernandez et al v. Path 2012 Federal judge rules class action can proceed on several counts
3. Zombie E-tags / Couch et. al. v Space Pencil (DBA KISSmetrics) and Hulu
2011-12 KISSmetrics to pay about $500,000 to settle
4. Mobile apps tracking children / Hines et al. v OpenFeint
2011 Lorem ipsum
5. Hillman et al. v Ringleader et al
2010-11 Ringleader may have ceased operations
6. Zombie cookies tracking / Valdez et al. v Quantcast et al.
2010 Quantcast pays $2.4 million to settle
7. Simon et al. v. Adzilla et al.
2009-10 Adzilla quietly settles
8. Deep packet inspection / Valentine et al. v NebuAd et. al.
2008-09 NebuAd closes after lawsuit and lost clients
9. Facebook Beacon Program / Lane et al. v Facebook et al.
2009-10 Facebook settles for $9.5 million

When the U.S. Congress fails to provide timely, appropriate legislation to protect consumers, it is a perfectly natural result for consumers to band together legally to protect themselves and their sensitive personal information; regardless of companies that insert clauses in their service agreements that limit consumers' rights by preventing class-action suits.

If you are a consumer who has suffered from a company data breach or privacy abuse, you now know who to call.


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