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Boston Police Department Safety Alert About Door-To-Door Sales People

The following alert appeared on November 20, 2012 in the Boston Police Department (BPD) community blog:

"The Boston Police is receiving reports about a door-to-door sales person claiming to work for and represent a company called: Just Energy. At present, the group is allegedly soliciting business in the area of Newcastle Road in Brighton. The Boston Police Department is investigating the authenticity of the group..."

Readers of this blog are familiar with Just Energy. It is a valid company and you can browse its website or Better Business Bureau rating. In the above BPD alert, it seems that a criminal may be posing as a Just Energy representative. The BPD advises consumers to follow these safety tips should you encounter any door-to-door salesperson:

"1. Never open your door automatically to anyone without inquiring as to who it is and what they want.

2. If possible, use a ‘peep hole’ or window to see or identify any person knocking on your door or ringing your door bell.

3. When dealing with a person who shows up at your door unannounced or without prior notification (be it a cable provider, maintenance worker, plumber, salesperson) exercise healthy levels of caution and care before agreeing to anything. If a person shows up at your door without proper notification, promptly ask to see an ID, business card or supervisor’s phone number before conducting any further business. If an individual is unable to provide any of the aforementioned forms of identification, discontinue the interaction."


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