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Earlier this month, the California Attorney General (AG) announced a lawsuit against Delta Airlines regarding the company's mobile app for failing to comply with the state's Online Privacy Protection Act:

"The complaint alleges that since at least 2010, Delta has operated a mobile app called “Fly Delta” for use on smartphones and other electronic devices. The Fly Delta app may be used to check-in online for an airplane flight, view reservations for air travel, rebook cancelled or missed flights, pay for checked baggage, track checked baggage, access a user’s frequent flyer account, take photographs, and even save a user’s geo-location. Despite collecting substantial personally identifiable information such as a user’s full name, telephone number, email address, frequent flyer account number and pin code, photographs, and geo-location, the Fly Delta application does not have a privacy policy."

In November of this year, the California Attorney General's office notified several mobilde device app developers that their apps were in violation of the state's privacy law. The consequences for a non-compliant app includes $2,500 for each violation.


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