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Where I live and work, it seems that most people have smart phones, and love to use them. However, I am getting the impression that many, if not most, have no idea how to protect themselves and their sensitive personal data. While discussing good data security habits, I have been asked the following question by several smart phone users:

Where do I find anti-virus software for my smart phone?

While most people understand the need and take action to protect their desktop and laptop computers with anti-virus software, it doesn't seem to translate to mobile devices. Some feel that their smart phones are immune to computer viruses and malware. Actually, experts warn that malware can infect your smart phone in 4 ways: text messages, email, Bluetooth, and web surfacing. So, I spent a few minutes the other day showing a person how to find anti-virus apps for her new Samsung galaxy III smartphone.

To find anti-virus apps for your smart phone, start with the app store your device is configured with. You can also visit and select:

Android App Directory > Tools > Security

Next, you'll see a list of familiar brands of anti-virus software providers. Kaspersky, McAfee, Norton, and others. Some brands offer bundle opportunities to protect several devices you might have at home: laptops, tables, and smart phones; or devices for several family members. Shop around, read the service agreements, and shop wisely.

Got an iPhone or iPad? Start shopping here for data security apps. For users with mobilde devices that run Windows® or other operating systems, start shopping here.

I wish that the industry called the devices "handheld computers" or "pocket computers" because that is what the devices are.The phrase "smart phone" seems antiquated for mobile devices that do so much more than make and receive telephone calls.


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Walter Stevens

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It doesn't seem to convert to mobile phone devices. Some feel that their smart phones are safe from computer malware and malware.


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rose lee

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