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WBZ-TV, the CBS network affiliate in Boston, reported yesterday evening about the results of an investigation by both the station and the State of Massachusetts. After several bus inspections by state officials, 21 of 28 Fung Wah buses have been removed from service.

Reportedly, bus inspectors found:

"... multiple oil leaks from different parts of the engine, and nuts and bolts that weren’t secure. There were also faulty lights, a door with a broken latch and the lack of proper registration on the charter bus hired by Fung Wah... Three of those buses had cracked frames. Inspectors found they had been re-welded and the work wasn’t done properly..."

The bus company had hired charter buses to replace its buses that had been removed from service. The Boston Globe reported:

"The frame cracks, located in the drive axle, rear axle, engine cradle, and other locations, posed serious safety issues, said Ann Berwick, chairwoman of the utilities department."

State inspectors are so concerned, they have asked the Federal government to suspend Fung Wah's operating license until repairs have been made. The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) oversees transportation and public safety.

Fung Wah operates low-cost passenger bus service between Boston and New York City. Some ticket prices are as low as $15 each way. A check of the company's website did not find any mentions of the failed bus inspections.

[Update, 3:15 pm EST: the U.S. Department of Transportation has ordered Fung Wah to cease passenger operations until safety concerns are addressed.]


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