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Asurion Expands Service Offering With Malware Protection For Smart Phones

Asurion, a provider of mobile device insurance services, announced yesterday that it will provide Walmart MobileCarePlus customers with free Asurion Mobile Security software. The Asurion security software is available in the respective app stores for Android and Blackberry smart phone users. According to the announcement:

"The Asurion Mobile Security solution regularly scans messages, pictures, installed applications and files on a customer's phone to identify and eliminate the latest viruses and malware, many of which can access private information and harm the mobile device itself. Safe browsing alerts users before visiting web sites which may compromise their phone's security and in the event a protected phone is misplaced, locate features can trigger an audible alarm, making recovery much easier... During the last two years, 48 percent of high school and college age students required a replacement device due to loss or damage."

For lost or stolen smart phones, the security service also includes a remote wipe feature to prevent thieves from accessing sensitive data and contacts on your smart phone.

This blog has warned mobile device users to add anti-malware software to their devices. Security software is available from a variety of vendors. If you are considering insurance for your mobile device, then read this first to help decide what's best for you.


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B Wayne Jordison

that's why a lot of app developer are focusing more on creating anti virus for your smartphone because, you don't know if the mobile page that you've visited has malware on it


It is good that there are people like you alerting those using mobiles about these dangers , I have recently moved over to the android system and was not aware of what you needed ... you have to have none of this for iPhone

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