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This morning, I decided to clean out my personal Facebook email folder. I use for two reasons: 1) connect with friends, family, and former co-workers; and 2) a business page for this blog to connect with readers. The Facebook mail I deleted was for #1.

If you use, it is important to manage your email inbox, since you probably have received Facebook email from both people you are connected to and business pages you have "liked." I found the process to delete old Facebook emails both time-consuming and difficult. Unlike traditional email software, the Facebook email interface forces members to delete one conversation at a time:

Deleting Facebook email one conversation at a time

So, what should have taken at most 2 minutes, took almost 20 minutes. After deleting old conversations in my Facebook inbox, then I had to switch to the Facebook archive folder and repeat the deletion process:

Remember to delete old email in your Facebook Archive folder too

I find this user interface unnecessarily difficult and time consuming. (Deleting Facebook email is even more tedious and time consuming if you delete items one message at a time. Who would choose that form of self torture?) Perhaps, making it difficult for you to delete your information is a key part of Facebook's "Big Data" strategy to retain as much of its members' content for as long as possible. Facebook frequently hides tasks in unlabeled drop-down menus, and/or in multiple locations you wouldn't expect.

Combine this with the new ads that appear directly in your Facebook News Feed (e.g., Facebook calls them "Suggested Pages," but an ad is an ad by any name -- and some users report this as spam!), and the service has become much more annoying. And, it seems that Facebook plans to deliver more ads in members' News Feeds in the future.

Of course, the folks at Facebook would love for you to use only Facebook email, and stop using traditional email. Last year, without asking Facebook switched the default email addresses in its members' profiles from your traditional email address to your new Facebook email address. Check your Facebook profile. I'll be you didn't notice that.

I switched back the default email address in my Facebook profile, since I still use traditional email. It is important to me to not use any single company's service for all of my online activities. To do that would be for me to give up my power as a consumer. No walled gardens for me. That's why I also use DuckDuckGo -- to escape from being trapped in the search engine filter bubble.

If you use Facebook email, what are your opinions of it? Share below.


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