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Google To Terminate Google Reader On July 1, 2013. How To Find A Replacement

RSS icon On Wednesday of this week, Google announced that it will terminate Google Reader, a Cloud-based RSS feed reader application, on July 1, 2013. Google Reader stated in 2005.

For many consumers including readers of this blog, RSS feed readers are an efficient way to consume news content. Readers of this blog have several options. All blog posts are announced in an RSS feed. Plus, every post in this blog includes an RSS feed with comments by readers. This makes it easy to monitor replies to a comment you submitted.

If you are looking for RSS feed reader software alternatives, there are several. Some resources to help you find a replacement:

What replacement RSS feed reader did you choose?


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Lindsay Junck

I have to admit, this news has hit me hard. Google Reader is the only feed reader I have ever used because it has fit my needs. I'm not looking forward to the countless hours it will take to become familiar with a new reader, but then again, perhaps I'll discover something better.

Yolanda Falk

I agree, have been using Google Reader for so long, the prospect of finding something new is a little daunting...! but like all things on the web, you have to adapt!


Feedly is a really good app, and the transition is very easy. Google has killed a number of products over the years, and people have adapted. Check out this interesting infographic that details many of the products they've terminated.

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