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St. Louis-based KSDK television reported a data breach at Schuncks supermarkets. The supermarket chain isn't yet sure exactly where (e.g., which stores) and how the breach occurred (e.g., in the store or with a debit/credit card processor). The breach occurred about a week ago.

Schnucks operates stores in Missouri, Illinos, Iowa, and Indiana. Customers have already seen unauthorized charges on their debit/credit cards. A representative from Montgomery Bank reported that about 600 of their accountholders have already filed fraud claims. Some customers wonder why the store has not posted alerts in its stores, so shoppers can use cash instead:

“They’re just letting people use their cards and not saying anything.”

Reportedly, the retailer has hired a forensics technology firm to assist it with a breach investigation. It sounds to me like the company' was caught unprepared and its post-breach response needs improvement. Customers need to be notified prompty to take appropriate action to avoid or minimize identity theft and fraud.


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