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Chicago Theft Ring Received Sentences For Card Skimming Crimes

In a Chicago court, several defendants were sentenced for card skimming thefts and fraud. The sentences ranged from six years of prison time for the ringleader to two years of probation for other members of the theft ring.

The thieves, working with employees at several fast-food restaurants in Chicago, had allegedly swiped consumers' debit/credit cards through small portable readers to obtain their card numbers. The theft ring then allegedly created fake cards with the stolen card numbers and purchased about $200,000 in merchandise.

Affected consumers had accounts at several banks: Chase, Citibank, Fifth Third Bank Harris Bank, U.S. Bank, Bank of America, and American Express. Reportedly, the banks assisted local law enforcement with the investigations. The seven defendants included:

  • Joseph Woods, 33 (the ringleader)
  • William Washington, 31
  • Alex Houston, 23
  • Britain Woods, 34
  • Jenette Farrar, 35
  • Essence Houston, 29
  • Kenyetta Davis, 33,
Congratulations to both local law enforcement and the judicial system.


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