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Forbes recently published a fairly good article listing nine things consumers should do before and while travel to avoid having their tablet computer lost or stolen. Perhaps, you've already lost a tablet while rush during business travel. Maybe you left it in a taxi-cab or on an airplane.

hile the article was written with a focus for information technology professionals, the list of items includes good good security habits for consumers (or employees) who use a company-provided tablet or who use their personal tablet for business:

  1. Password lock your tablet, especially when traveling
  2. Use identification tags or stickers to make it easy for people, who find and want to return the tablet, to contact you (or your company)
  3. When traveling, don't pack all of your gadgets iin one bag

Follow the link above to read the entire list. These tips help ensure that after a table loss or theft, a person can't use the tablet and access any sensitive information on it.

I consider the article "fairly good" because it unnecessarily focused on a single brand of tablet computers, when it easily could have been written more broadly to be relevant to all tablet users. The list of tips are not specific to any specific tablet brand.


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