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Survey: The Public's Views Of The NSA Spying Leak, The Whistle Blower, and a Wikileaks Comparison

Pew Research released the results of a survey conducted June 12 - 16, 2013. The survey, conducted by Pew Research and USA Today, asked 1,512 adults their opinions about the whistle blower and the impact of the leak about the NSA spying programs. Key results:

  1. The public seems split over whether or not the whistle blower's leak served the public interest. 49% believe it served the public interest. 44% believe it harmed the public interest.
  2. Most, 54%, believe the whistle blower should be criminally prosecuted.

Pew Research also found:

"Young people, by 60% to 34%, think that the NSA leak serves the public interest. Americans 30 and older are divided (46% serves vs. 47% harms)... the public has a more positive opinion about the impact of the revelations of NSA communications surveillance on the public interest than it did about the release of a massive trove of classified material about U.S. diplomatic relations by the Wikileaks website two-and-half years ago."


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