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Many employees don't immediately recognize wage theft in the workplace. Perhaps, you (e.g., hourly workers) were asked to work overtime without being paid. Or, maybe you were asked to work off the books. Or, maybe a paycheck or business travel reimbursement check from your employer bounced.

The folks over at Working America asked consumers to share their wage theft stories. Here are a few:

"Once my paycheck bounced because the owner of a security business in California bought a Porsche with the company payroll. They froze my accounts. Checks bounced."

"I had gotten my paycheck on a debit card from work. About a month ago I lost the card – it still had 160 dollars on it. I sent in for a new one i got one without the money."

"When my husband worked for a supermarket chain at close to minimum wage, it was mandated that he punch out at “quitting time” and then go to the parking lot to round up the shopping carts until every last one was collected – even those for shoppers rung up after closing time."

"As a waitress we had to stay after closing and clean for free. No wages, not even the minimum wage, for waitresses.Vacuuming, washing tables, chairs, sweeping, filling salt and pepper shakers and condiments. As a single mom, I put up with it to keep my job. They knew I needed to work."

To learn more and read more stories by employees, visit the Main Street blog by Working America. You can also read employees' stories on BuzzFeed.


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