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JPMorgan Chase and U.S. Justice Department Reach Tentative $13 Billion Settlement About Mortgage-Backed Securities. What Next?

Earlier this week, many news outlets reported the JPMorgan Chase bank and the U.S. Justice Department had tentatively agreed to a $13 billion settlement for alleged corporate wrongdoing with mortgage asset-backed securities the bank sliced, diced, re-bundled, and sold as derivatives and other financial products. A key part of this settlement isn't the huge cash amount, but that the criminal investigation continues and prosecution is a distinct possibility -- as it should be.

Just last month, the bank agreed to pay $1 billion to settle with the CFPB and other agencies about alleged wrongdoing with identity-theft protection services and collection services.

My questions are: after the current criminal investigation and settlement about mortgage asset-backed securities are concluded, what next about credit-card asset-backed securities by JPMorgan Chase? Will this be a another criminal investigation with jail time for more bank executives?

Some background for those unfamiliar:


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