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EFF Shares Results Of Its Survey About Data Encryption By Vendors

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) released the results of its survey about which companies encrypt transmissions of users' information. Encryption is important to protect consumers against extensive surveillance by the NSA and other agencies:

"By adopting these practices, described below, these service providers have taken a critical step towards protecting their users from warrantless seizure of their information off of fiber-optic cables. By enabling encryption across their networks, service providers can make backdoor surveillance more challenging, requiring the government to go to courts and use legal process."

This is important because of the warrant-less surveillance by the NSA:

"The National Security Agency’s MUSCULAR program, which tapped into the fiber-optic lines connecting the data centers of Internet giants like Google and Yahoo, exposed the tremendous vulnerabilities companies can face when up against as powerful an agency as the NSA. Bypassing the companies’ legal departments, the program grabbed extralegal access to your communications, without even the courtesy of an order from the secret rubber-stamp FISA court..."

The infographic below contains the results of the EFF survey:

EFF Encryption Survey results. November 2013


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