Did Target Executives Know Their Systems Were Vulnerable And A Breach Was Likely?
Target Increases Number of Shoppers Affected By Data Breach. BBB Warns Shoppers To Expect More Spam

The Best Blog Posts Of 2013

For new and infrequent readers, below are links to the best blog posts from 2013.

Whay is the best? Topics that cover critical, far-reaching, and often controversial issues that affect consumers -- the products and services you use or are considering to use. Reading these posts will also get you caught up on the latest privacy, identity theft, banking, and corporate-responsibility issues:

  1. Amazon's Plan For Drones To Deliver Packages To Customers, And A Primer About Drones
  2. How To Opt Out Of Tracking Programs And Keep As Much Privacy As Possible
  3. Police Body Cameras. What They Are And The Privacy Issues
  4. What Is Metadata? Why Is It Important?
  5. 83% Of The Leading Mobile Apps Put Your Sensitive Personal Information At Risk
  6. Study: Employees Face Huge Difficulties Collecting Unpaid Wages From Employers
  7. Geo-Location Data. What They Know And Collect About You Via Your Mobile Devices
  8. 8 Questions That Highlight The Issues About Government Surveillance
  9. July 1: New Online Privacy Rules For Children Went Into Effect
  10. Google Glass And Wearable Mobile Devices. Several Privacy Issues Emerge
  11. Five Ways Retail Stores Spy On Their Shoppers
  12. The Top 5 Places You Should Never Use Your Smart Phone
  13. The Mugshot Industry. Accurate Information That Is Beneficial For Consumers?
  14. Report: It Takes Months For Organizations To Detect And Resolve Data Breaches
  15. For Consumers Who Believe Their Apple Products Are Immune From Malware
  16. Publishers Consider Ways To Further Use Data Collected By E-Readers
  17. Six States Now Ban Employers From Snooping On Your Social Networking Accounts

And, read the best I've Been Mugged blog posts about Facebook.


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